What I done last year?

Sunday, January 1, 2012
I don't know am I totally rich or what..
I changed my handphone twice for this year.
Maybe I had no faith with all the handphones
everytime a new one do have problems
sure went to the service center for few times
and I bought all ORIGINAL.. out come is the same =_="

I changed to Nokia C3-01 on Mac...
It went to service like on October...
says.. the motherboard is not functioning...

Change smart phones SamsungS2
and the battery usage is like 30% left half a day
I hardly play games...
don't tell me play camera or just on line will use up the battery so fast!
I frustrated to bring them to service. 
I wish my hp stay with me as long as it could.

Year 2011 was really crazy bout camera
bought toys - Lomo for myself
beloved cousin from Britain came over M'sia to visit us.
favorite lomo shop "the click shop"

try out new IMAGE of the year
here come the devil~
done some photo shooting with my dear friends
a digital lomo from him - love it~

promised myself a travel a year, locally or other country
and I did..
went to HONG KONG!

made me broke just like that. 
However is an unforgettable memory
and our childhood Disney land!
A day specially for both of us after 6years
Colleagues melaka trip!
OGP events at PortDickson one night stay
My first ever stage performance in my 20s..lol!
and it is cheers! hohoho~
songs: like a G6 & high school musical
I gave up my make up class d. (no money)
but i chose to learn Japanese instead.
don't asked me why...just felt is time to learn something
might not useful now, but who knows in future, I'm jap-eng translator? (a fail one)




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