Wedding Dinner

Friday, December 9, 2011
Last week i attend a special wedding dinner of my ex colleagues cum ex coursemates

while beautifying myself
it had been long time i did not attach my fake lashes
i failed so many times and my eyeliner draws thicker and thicker
I can be those most thick face girl already
i also braid my hair... i use total of  1.5hrs for this look..T.T
translucent back and shoulder
Like this dress a lot as it won't too sexy nor too less covered
is a little bear hole back, hehe.
i remembered bought at time square, not more than RM50
yes,  call me cheapskate! 

it cover nicely my tummy~ (fats)
I met with my ex-colleagues
is michelle and steve's wedding~ 
I still remember both of them met in pathlab
we actually 'looking' at them growing their love chemistry
and now they are married
so fast!
Steves is my ex-UTAR coursemate when that time, I'm not even talk to him yet
know his existence only and started to know him when i realized we worked in same company
there is also where Michelle is around earlier then me one month.
*fast forward* they begins secretly and thought no one knows. 
lol, we sure can see the love atmosphere is gaining!
with Jasvine

with Christina, also my ex-coursemate

my ex supervisor n Jasvine
but we have all resigned there.
picture credited by chun siang
is all EX-biotech Utar coursemates.
nice to meet them again

am wearing super high heels for the first time, and when i look at this picture, I don feel tall at all. 
in conclusion, I'm too short!

I wish Michelle and Steve 
Happily Ever After!





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