Fine Dinning

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
It was long long time ago~
mum and i went to The Teapot Cafe located at PJ SS2~
Just after I took my lomo film to develop
we stop by here for lunch
This is my first time dining in here
never thought it could be that nice
welcome board once we get in.

in a very British decorations
just feels like having a cup of tea right away
 paintings and teapots along the wall

specials and little deco on table

grill chicken with lots of herbs
seems healthy
mum's butter milk bread
shall come again with friends for chit chatting
mum bought some pastry after that.

next is the cappuccino garden located at Happy Garden
my fav lasagna
bake chickens and pasta inside.

the little garden that the owner planted himself
is for sale
chicken paster with garlic bread

drinks bar
the surrounding

bird cage?

If you feeling bore with usual restaurant, why have a try there? 


{ oram } at: December 13, 2011 at 10:39 PM said...

In the event that perhaps the home has youngsters little fingers that tend to become an issue, give some consideration to a cage with acrylic front sections. This appears to be a glass bird cage free of the danger of breaking glass.




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