Phuket Day 1

Saturday, March 24, 2012
we flew on Thursday morning 6.55am
while wednesday I have to OT my works
and i only slept for 1 hr then off to airport
4 bff together to the trip
Out of 22 ppl, i only close with 4ppl (including my bf)
knowing bout 11 ppl and dono the rest.
Plus we are having free and easy trip, so I'm quite worry as we are like did not plan anything
but things works all fine. Thanks to Miao and her friends.
she manage to reserve outing package and town tour when we reached there 1st day.

This is an interesting sight (for me)
sun rise out of cloud sea
seems like I'm on a ship above clouds.

reached there at bout 8am and we got free sim card, but..
need reload money ourselves.
Thailand time is one hour later than M'sia time
as we reached there, actually is still very early!
and we are having thoughts of "why time run so slow there?'
the amazing wires.... =.="
they still using this type of wire as in 2 phase type. (told by expert)
while malaysia using 3phase already and is underground
(correct me if i'm wrong)
we should feel lucky
RCB hotel.
a budget but worth hotel.
but RM250++ for 4nights!!
However check in time is at 2pm
so the receptions suggest us have a walk nearby
in front of hotel is thai boxing center and also pubs
this is the board we saw at the pub...

the big shopping center just 5 mins walk from our hotel
yet open at 11am (Thai hour)
they love elephant

they hav motorcycle taxi there too~
our lunch at road side stall.
friend keow teow type
the taste is like, sour sticky sweet ...
not really suitable for Malaysian, as we prefer salty

then we went for a full body oil massage at only 400baht!
finally checked in
a really large room with nice bathroom and also see trough window

a coffee break at McD cafe

nice coffee.. wonder if M'sia has mc cafe?
we took a rest at the hotel
as we did not sleep the night before...
then we have a walk to the Patong beach
took us like 15mins walks

along the road to patong beach,
surrounded by many shops and pubs/bars
and also markets for the tourists
many ang mo just wearing bikini tops and trunks walking around
I felt like i'am in Europe beach...

dinner some where near beach
trying thai food
dono what curry and suki yaki

rather spicy, sour and sweet

and we walk back
while the street is close for vehicles
damn crowded at night!


we went for Thai Girl show
no pictures allowed there
However it is a good experienced.
Free entrance, but we need to pay quite high cost beer
A can of beer cost me RM90!

we sit there as long as we can
suddenly 3-4 man lady came up stage and performance ( ugly one)
u can't imagine, and guys, you will feel disgusted
then is kinda beautiful girl performance of full clothes off show
sexy, fat, slim, beauty ...all in
including shower, and how to wipe off water in a sexy open appetite way

That is my day~


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