Phuket Day 2

Saturday, March 24, 2012
Day 2-Phi Phi and Island tour
I called it a "getting-tan skin" DAY!
freaking hot
but I like water so much.
steal grp pic from calvin

I like this effect.
too bad my dear cm don like SEA. she prefer building
I'm the one afraid of seasick, but she is serious than me
call me sea babe!

my first bikini expose below~
A picture capture by Calvin, I don't know i was being there
some how his Fat face made me look cool there. hahaha

all of us again, before we dip into sea.

it's a long journey
we took an hour Van to this small speed boat jetty.
then 1hour to Khai Nok island
wear snorkeling start here
with this crystal clear water, made me recall redang beach
we snorkel there and watch the swimming fishes
unfortunately only 1 or 2 type of fishes is noticed
there is no other beautiful coral.. hm...
travel some time to Maya Bay
really beautiful white sand!
I love there
1 hour walking...
there are way to many tourist...

pretty hot bench...
miao walking up from snorkeling

then we stopped at Phi Phi Island for lunch like bout 2hrs?
we had a shopping period there.
food are nice and can be refilled!
the beach..

then we off to monkey beach
actually we have to go there before lunch
but monkey still asleep
so we headed over there after our lunch
monkey wont harm us,
but they really aggressive in picking banana from our hand
and they won't eat the fall off banana. so picky!
still i hide behind bf, coz i was attacked by monkeys before
I'm pretty scared.

spotted another monkey.. lolz
more friendly "monkey"...

there is crowded along monkey beach
somehow i felt the monkeys there are so lucky
posing over there

then we were stopped at another island..
forgotten what island, but is pretty small one
we can walked the whole island within few minutes
here.... showing my fat body. lolz

okay.. is speechless

when we reached hotel is already 5.30pm
took a bath, nap a while
and we went for a night market food
pictures from Calvin again
I like their BBQ 
3 for RM10!
delicious with peppers and salt, esp pork!!

tried their thai tom Yam Goong
it is really nice.
still i found it not so spicy. hahaha~
we walked to 7-11
and we found out the beers are pretty cheap
and also the pockey!! all sorts of flavors
he bought like 3 flavors to try out.
I prefer lime than the other 2.

*spent like 1000Baht for to day island tours, include transport, lunch, snorkel tools, bananas for monkeys and life jackets!!! worth not?





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