Phuket soon~

Monday, March 19, 2012
Before start showing you all some phuket pictures
Let me show you my Japanese results
Grade A!!
Don't play play.
However it is quite easy but I've yet study Katagana
At first I was hesitating of going to level Beginner 2
Teacher said is 'Taihen Taihen muzukashi' (very very tough)...
I was stunned by this as one of the reason, another one is financial
I have no financial after phuket... not Zero, but not much.
well, I guess I have to know more bout Katagana before i give up
so I'd decided, once more... not for the grade, but for the best. =)

It was my most worried trip
as I did not prepare enough info... for this free and easy...trip
with huge anonymous gang..22 ppl
The four girls of us waiting at LCCt terminal~

everything turns out fine, unexpected
and relief. Surely there will be some miss communications
but all went smoothly trough 

stay tuned for more pictures~





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