Sunday, April 8, 2012
When I first bought my Android phone,
I've long waited to use this apps
but too bad, only iphone had this priority.
i won't change a phone due to an app, but I install instadroid apps,
just to view and likes and comment their pictures.
Unfortunately, cannot post my own picture.
I was just like an insane stalker to stalk everyone but they can't see my picture!

days after, one morning, my friend said
"hey! android can install instagram now!"
and, tada, I found in my android market!
so happy!!!
same user name as my twitter rumtumpei

Here you go, my photo spam begins
i am obsessed with it. ^_^
I checked it every 5-10 mins...
some iphone users just can't accept there is no more priority for them
well... i don care, bleh!!

Photo boom~

my dinner dabao from night market

as a proof to use this cute bag given by him

grass at office garden

my 1st pic! yes, at my desk

my lunch box...

tea bags~ aka T back?!

Bak Kut Teh

spec for brother

a case for women pad

my beginner 2 Japanese~

sling leather bag that mum used when she was at my age. now is my turn~

connecting @monilee88

38 poh

casing~ coz my previous one cracked..

Mr happy~

junction and building i see everyday

little pastry that boss treat us~

a lunch that cost me RM20! GOSH!

connecting again @monilee88 @thia_thia

I miss this Mc Cafe in Phuket

ah ha! welcome android to instagram~

i don like pamelo...

he is so man!

finest 3 in 1 coffee. gonna try tmr

going out

frustrated at jam.. i as a passenger. haahha

mummy kept my text books well till now! lelong!!

when i saw this, i remember Catherine.. but these ducks are so expensive =.=

Pasta Zanmai

spice up my life

Finally, Happy Easter day!
31 pics instagram just 3 days~





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