Tuesday, May 1, 2012
It is birthday celebrations with my team mates~
actually is a surprise.
they actually said is my colleague's farewell
and they push me to the nearby office restaurant
S'mores restaurant at Bangsar South.
it is nice, delicious and price is reasonable.
roasted chicken fried rice
come with a set, plus ice lemon tea and soup
the Italian hunter's chicken
sauce are with wine!
is juicy, tender chicken...

and when i was chating and someone attract me take picture
aha! I heard birthday song and they turn to me.
I was like.."huh? to me?"
cause my birthday just ended, i never expect would celebrate again
and... tada!
thank you all so much!
the cake is so so so delicious

so many friends of my birthday on April and May
and so i bought another presents for other both of them
seems like present exchange during Christmas

Present from my colleagues~
my beloved chicken essence! keep me awake.
marjolica brown eyeliner (liquid) my favourite and cucumber eye pads. =)

The Garden member's gift for birthday month April
L'Occitane travel kits
the eyeliner testing~
so natural and fine. it stays long and won't smudge.
is the most perfect liner i ever had.
presents from the girls
all the way from Bandung, Indonesia (left); dress from Miao~
a cute watch from Wc, it is miniature watch!
and it is not cheap either o_O
she is afraid that we are not charm in cute things anymore
but you are WRONG, we still young in heart, and also physically. =)
a bonus gift from miao miao
S2 casing. with a cat head on. 
I'll always remember her. hehe

got another presents from myself
actually is the robinson vouchers i redeem from my performance points in company
I was looking for a flawless, natural foundation or bb cream
convenient and also comfortably stay long lasting one.
plus without clogging pores.
i tried Lancome teint Miracle, it suits me well, but the sample i took, i can't find the shades in M'sia
Malaysia just has 8 shades.
then i read this magazine, saw Benefit new range

I went to the counter straight and request for a test.
Viola, my shop things~
of cause voucher is not enough, i have to pay additional RM80 for these 3 things
I'll share with you the outcome for the next post.
the small piece is sample eye cream.
1. Benefit That Girl~ pinky base moisturized.
2. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow liquid foundation, spf 20
3. Pore professional - oil-less matte base that will cover pores and control oil.
that's me after the applied products and had walked few hours~ (no edit)
it is not really fully coverage, cause i did not use its concealer, but is already 80% covered.
pardon my pimples marks which is quite dark.
The promoter helps me apply on Posietint sheer on cheek
it is so naturally fit-perfect! oil-free water base pinky. 
no burden for your skin.

CD time. I aim this Bistro Affair for so long
it is france song, i don't know what she sing
but it is really so relaxing
relaxing esp when you in traffic jam, or after work stressed.
i feel nice!
then the air supply+MLTR for him
read if you understand. =.=
next, earings~
2 for my cousin's one for me. 
Me take Eiffel tower
please bring me to france. (lately seems listen to france songs and Eiffel tower things) 

That's all
Thanks to All My Friends for the Lovely Presents
I love them all!





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