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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not everything happens like what we wanted
Not everyone will listen to what you ordered.
No matter teacher to students, parent to kids, parent to adult kids, friends to friends, BF to GF, Husband to wife or vise verse.
BUT BOSS to EMPLOYEE! cause we are like the slave to them as they paid for us?

everything they followed and you'll demand more.
what happen if we don't follow?
We break someone's heart, we made them angry, we did something that society don't feels like it.
why must minority follows the majority?
Why must guy can't marry guy?
Why must people cannot give birth before married?
Why must we follow the law?
why must a couple should married after dating?
Why other company have less work with high salary?
Why all isn't fair?


These why, I'd like to know. I tends to get disappointments when I wanted more. and when I wanted less, it happened to be what it really was. I don't like this feelings, and I also feels like running away from these.
Living alone, or hide at the corner whereby don contact with everyone.

Someone told me, it is nice to travel out country, cause no ones know who are you, and you can do whatever you want. and when i asked what is it you wanna do when you traveling? After a while, she said, just travel!  the freedom you get, you could never imagine the breath will be.

I don't want wish, so i'll become someone that is no thoughts.
I don't want order, and then I'm the one without leading powers.
I don't want listen, and I'm the stubborn one that don't want follow at all.
Then what shall I DO? YOU TELL ME!!! argh!!!






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