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Sunday, June 3, 2012
A celebration for dearest colleagues.
we bought crepes cakes and combine into one.
for may babies
pretty moni. She is going to another way soon. Wish her good luck in everything.

is time to be pretty
had been a long time i did not make up, i mean, make up to go for a night out
this had been the chance.  i was really glad.
to attend Ministry of Sound
DJ from London at The Gallery KL
It's my first time to listen to them

before going in.

then is Chinese book fair
I chose some novels
after read it, i felt that i'm too old for the dreams love world.
i m pity those young girls coz they alwaz been cheated by these. 
Is japanese exam time!
studied made me feels like being in college again
from A to Z
i can merely take it. but i manage to get some how good results
i hope i've got the power to study more
tired from my heart out after working then study.
perhaps i old already.
is my first Kerinchi station walk way from my office
so far! if it is not my colleagues talking to me, i'd feel so dreadful!
thanks to them
hello Putra line~
I'm glad he is still there
I don't know why, a little gesture of him made my day
even a reply, i smile like colgate ads model. hahahah
dear colleagues, please don't think I'm crazy
maybe that's the love medicines cure from beneath my heart
no more tired!!!!! better than BRANDS chicken essence.





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