Benefit review

Thursday, May 17, 2012
 Finally purchased something that is beyond my budget
Benefit, cause i have to put these on my face
 Have to carefully choose.

I read this on Mina magazine that is new make up foundations.
I was confusing, to buy either BB cream or, liquid foundations or 2 way cake?
then i chose the most traditional way.
i thought I could only go for one bottle
and then I bought 3, with the other 2 products!
the promoter really geng!!

this is the color that suits me

used after 'Pore professional'
it does has SPF 25, PA+++
really, after applied, you felt nothing at all, but it does covered your some imperfectness (80%)
not oily at all!
you still need to use Concealer after that.
The make up stays fine up to 6hrs +

I has a combination skin
Oily at T-zone but dry on cheeks
How to control?
Pore professionals!
it gave a matte feeling just right after you applied
small amount will do
it works perfectly before and after make up.
and also, it suits for all skin tone, once applied, it transparent.
it covers some of your minor pores, it do not block/clog  pores
but protect other dirt from going in (that's how the promoter said)
well, after all, you need to do is clear with make up remover everyday!
as a touch up~
a little eye cream as a sample gift for my eye bags
it din work well on my eye bags as my eye bags is inherited
got big eyes is like that, hahaha

That girl primer
another primer for my dried cheeks
it not only moisturized 
it also helps to give sheer pinky color on my cheeks
it do not act like a blush, don't worry!
milky pink color~
non oily as well, works fine before & after foundations too.
just pats on cheeks (slapping yourself)
and your cheek seems naturally pinkish

practically, I quite like them all
it create natural nude make up for my tone
rather than my mum always shocked after i walked out from room  after make up( too fair/thick)
or i have to make up an hour earlier before step out the house,
wanna let my make up turn into my skin tone...

but with only these above, i m done.





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