C trip~

Sunday, August 19, 2012
Is Cameron trip again~ This time is invitation from my cousin sister as she is Bank Negara staff, she booked one bungalow stay for her family. Because it has 5 rooms, she also called us for a stay. We only can make it one Night stay.
it has big gardens ~

one of our room

I like the style here

Amanda like running here and there
we all adults do not have the strength anymore
She made me exercise!

she loves umbrella
Is lelong deal strawberries
as Raya is coming, they close quite early in Kea Farm

steamboat of the night
I still like the way the Tea plant hills


Kea farm
Cousin gave 2 bouquet flowers
water crest lunch
lovely scene and very cold
Roses blossoms after 2nd day

The indoor

Strawberry park

cold breezes, Hot coffee with chocolate melt in your mouth!
i like stare at the windows

I ran out of da house, and took pictures everywhere, the last chance of the day


and bye~

my Cousin bro asked me: would you like to stay here?
I said : yes! of course!
Cousin bro: what if one year?
I was hesitating.  Hahaha~
We town people could not stand long term here
but we could for a short term.
away from hassle work and hectic town for a while
took my breath away!





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