Just another day

Sunday, September 30, 2012
 Is a seasonal end quarter year
another money spending for continuous 4 months
 Happy mooncake festivals
Haagendass from him ^^ white chocolate & milk chocolate

Went to visit Megan ~
I'm in love to make up again
(there is a few times i even lazy to put on my cons)
 Is to celebrate coulleague's birthday
 sweet theme
wearing flora tube top (nichii) and red jeans (Brands outlet)
I loves to curl my hair to wavy as the comfortable hair length.
make it feels soft and bouncy
 New comers, May & Wendy
You can't stop thinking I'm getting old
Coz new fresh grad all are in early 20s
 Surprises from us
 Happy cutting cake
 Mango delights
Photos sessions


 Took this with fuji instant camera
Anny changed from our company performance points
 S2 can include 7 of us!
 cute anny and naughty priscila
we are having late lunch at Palate Pallete @Jalan Mesui
not really nice to eat but nice to stay
cozy and artistic place.

 random pic of myself. hahaha
I wanna dye my hair soon~
bravo, the three marketeer
who is most handsome?





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