Holiday day 2~

Thursday, October 4, 2012
 It was yesterday,
and I did not update blog
as I went shopping~the whole day with my colleague who is also on leaves whole week.

My overall going out look~
nothing much to tel bout my wearing 
Went to H&M lot 10 again
still packed
still not getting anything from there.
i wonder all people no need to work?
where are they from?

Next to pavillion
I wanted to find nude shoes
however my favorite had finished T.T
end up i did not buy anything home
just watson moisturizer & hair dye
going to try later, after this blog. 

Is Liese, Platinum Beige color
This color happen to be a bit ash green color..
well, i hope it blend well on my hair
fingers cross! XOXO

is Thursday already!! dilemma
I don want work.
someone marry me please =P





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