Holidays 1.5~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Hello~ is me again. I'm back from everything... Had been busy the whole morning till evening~ I felt very nice. ^^ compact~ life is great!

My mum just had a small smart phone
Samsung Galaxy Y
now she have to start learn from zero
I'm amazed, within 3 days, she knew how to type sms, call, contact, save contact...etc
for us is rather easy, but for her, she need learn hard
Now she could even play angry birds by using her phone
I'm proud of my teaching lessons. ^^ times for her to learn watsapp
I bought her cover and screen protector too
Galaxy Y is rather small. i can't use to it. 

Morning after blogged.
I rushed to drive out car for repair at Puchong
Then mum fetch me to KL sentral GYM
as a Staff in averis, got free entrance. ^^
Meet up with theresa
and the gym was empty
I sweats a lot finally after weeks in air cond room
tried rock climbing without any safety equipments
just climb a few rocks only, 15 cm above floor level. 
very muscle pulling one.
after that I ate like a cow.
Then, being informed that my car is done
rushed over puchong and after that rushed home to meet Win.

we ate high tea.loads of things to chat up
especially her wedding plan
and she invite me to accompany her to test her bridal gown
have to be a lot of patience. 
1st time ever. 

alright... adios!





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