Holidays day 3 & 4th

Friday, October 5, 2012
Hi all~ SO here it is, my hair dye process yesterday.  All the things they had in box~
I additionally prepare own things, Front open button shirt, so that can take off easily, a huge plastic to cut a hole and wear it, a small towel, in case any water drops, and a cream, to apply on hair line to neck, so that the dye won't dye on your face.
A big hair clip is  needed for long hair
After washed.. the differences...
Left: before, right is after
do not have any large differences
a bit disappointed, but my top head black hair is dyed!
After that, my mum remind me of nail polish she want
So as to remind me to get myself done for myself too
Had always wanted to do cupcakes nails~ and I done it with 5 colors behind and a brush.
however when i keep those nails polish, the 5th frm left, dropped & break. 
I have to throw it away ...sobs sobs, it is the newest.
When i showed my nails to my bf, he said is watermelon!!
and i asked how bout the white thingy...
he said is whipped cream on watermelon skin...=.=" sad 3X
after a while, I'm meeting bride to be, Win.
She had gave me the honored to help her choose her wedding gown
too bad the choices is not too much. she and I not so like the design there.
Well, since she had chosen this studio, she had to chose 3 gowns.
tests all few 10s gowns, she is really amazingly fast. hahaha~
another surprises whereby bf came to date me up this holidays, which he did not informed me earlier
and I did not expect to date him on weekdays as he is working (we hardly date on weekdays)
when i asked him, his reply was: "Actually I wanna date u during your holidays as you keep saying u'll be boring, but I dare not date you, cause i haven't confirm if I'm free on which day. do not wan't u to upset if cancelled on the date appointed to."
I was... O_O":er..... i did not expect to call u up and date u too...cause I just realized my holidays was too packed" 
he: means that I think too much ya?
I: er.... *smile* ... maybe?
in my heart, I felt glad he make it, very happy~ to the movieeee~

This morning, had dated with old time buddies
Haven't met her since she married
Setia walk, Puchong.
Cafe Barbera~
with Soo Shan

cafe Italiano, I love their coffee ^^

My smoke salmon sandwich

end of our meeting, my another friend who had dated her another friend (who I don't know) at 2.30pm! 
they are going to watch movie at 1 U...
So i guess she can't drop me off at home, as by the time we get off from cafe, had already 2pm!!
frm puchong to word. JAM.
So she watch her movie, I shop alone.
I got myself nude heels finally!
Nichii, RM79.90.
it is my size, however my feet to less fats...
i can put a finger somewhere
I need to stick double layer leather strips, and pads on bottom of feet.
>_< i got to get use this heels.
still happy!

okay, that's all, I got to start my works d. =P





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