Saturday, October 20, 2012
It had been a busy week

so now is a day to relax on.

Team building for the previous last Saturday
 at Bangi
 some games

and my poor fingers
gets peel off skin once i don apply lotion or wets my hand

a lucky invitation to watch Wonder Girls last saturday
 Thanks to my friend
it's far but still can watch them quite favoritely
 We love the air cond there,
 not as what we expected so nice
as we do not really listen to korean song
the closing part below

Last but not least. Yesterday been to My Burger lab
 The menu on board
Heard it is open on 5pm - 10.30pm
and it is crazy a lot of people when u late
 they are not fast food
They cook instantly, that's y took so long
and the taste is fresh
 with number on your receipt after u ordered
 crowds... saw some uncle there too
 pictures on boards, shows you were there
maybe spot your bf/gf with another 'partner'
 See the notice
should changed to 60mins to 90mins.
we reached at 7.30pm, but got our food at 8.45pm
 waited outside
 everyone is waiting

 Finally get a place to sit
heavy eye bags.. as heavy work nowadays
merely sleeps
 with wendy~ new joiners at our team
 finally.. my Say Cheese~
smallest compare to other burgers
however it more than enough for us, girls
esp me! i cant finish the fries
very cheesy chicken burger
 Bomb burger
with egg, chicken,and 2 chrispy rings... cheese, sauses
really heavy one but niceeeeeee
 this one should be A+ beef burger

 with Priscilla
 she is real good in acting... burger is sold out at bout 10 something pm
It's my first time waiting food for an hour plus
Luckily is with them, else i might just run away
I told them i would take one day leave just to have a relax burger
not hectic one like everyone waiting u finished...

at last.... i think is quite worth for me
satisfied with the taste. ^^





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