Wonder Mama & Coffee Chemistry

Saturday, October 27, 2012
A fat time story... I realized by colleagues all are good eaters
They chose good restaurant, expensive, good environments, nevermind, most important is delicious.
I'd been keep eating lately.... however friends said I had loosen weight. They said I'm getting thinner, I said I maintained as usual. Perhaps I have good fashion sense hide keep my fats. (impossible)

Right, here is lunch at Wonder Mama, Bangsar Village one, near to Plan B. Had been recommended by Chuckei (quite famous blogger). Due to my office is nearby there, it is quite convenient to roll over there, esp during public holidays (Raya Haji). 

Poor picture took by my phone
Wonder Mama, came with asian food, mix of nyonya + italian too.
upstairs, quite cooling
nice view , only nice to seat while tea time coffee-ing with friends

our seats, me and another colleagues went off took pictures
outside- aircondless

red velvet cake
meat bacon, curry seafood spaghetti
I like this~
burger... not as yummy as burger lab. hehe

showing road

Picture time~


Coffee chemistry is dinner time
celebrating dearest Wai Chen's bIrtHday
She is Miao... hahaha

located near to sunway
Lamb chop (Black Pepper)
Salmon Steak (lemon sauce)
Fish and chips
Afogato dessert (i think is spelled like this?)
Brownies (butterfly shape)

Now this is the main actress (Wai Chen)

is a short gateaway last weekend
after a miserable request to him
he eventually took me there after that
just normal movie, gamble, eating and drinking over there 
one evening late night going out
quite suffer,  as his friends drove... drift 
I could not bear..dizzy!

another shoe.. i know
but is really comfortable..
I love the casual and normal black pumps too~





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