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Saturday, December 1, 2012
"I am still new... " (I think I shall not have the rights to day that anymore)

This bring me to a new level which I still keep learning... 

Somehow I felt the stressed way came too fast. I'm ready, still I haven't got the time to adjust. 

This is part of the challenge I'm having now.

I can't make a fast decisions... I can't think of a good solutions. 

What is the points.. I'm not persuasive enough.. no judgement? 
If i'm the judge, I think everyone will blame on me. hahaha~

I need time... I really need time, who can give me some?

I dono y, I cant upload photos anymore, due to over storage. blog wan me to upgrade and pay. Guess I won't upload more pictures. a dull blog. =P





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