2012 to 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Hello all~ It had been a while, I did not update blog, coz stupid blog dont let me update pictures, and I dono what to write for my blog.

end of 2012:

Loads of my friends getting married in this year. No doubt, I also think I shd have one too. follow the trend mah~~ LOL jkjk

It is fun attending, meeting all the friends I long lost. just like another gathering.
Yes I had another melacca trip again with my dearest colleagues. such a big group this time. We'd done all.


 I could say is a good year, everyone I loves is healthy~ Wished that 2013 stays the same and even better.

 My god cousin sister got married too~

 Thanks dear for able to come and sacrify something behind






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