No. 7 in relationship

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Well this had been hanging a while. Just celebrated our 7th anniversary togetherness~
Seems to be a long year together, I could not say that it has the feeling of new as before.... rather as a habitual companionship. We never been staying together daily, the freshness of relationship maintain.

Chinese like to say, 7 years curse. whereby whenever a couple together for 7 years, eventually it will breaks as 7 yrs relationship comes,  couple get bored, or no sparkling feelings.... however it depends.
I feels that our relations become mature. Eventually do not have fast heart beats whenever we met, hold hands or when calling each other. However we had another kind of mind sets.... we tends to know what each other is thinking, knowing their next moves, trusting level and self initiations.

Doesn't means he will do everything I wanted, and also he still doesn't want request anything from me.
Situations will be that I understood what he is with and he give in too when i let him be. =) Somehow sweets in deep. I hope this remains, every any changes, wish that we could discuss and talk all over, any matters we can sort them and moves on to a better situations.

Says, I like to nag him, advice him, get angry over his actions, up sets when he don't follows... He got to ask me once: "Why doing such emotional thing to me while you did not do to your other friends?"
Me: "If I don't care/ loves you, why should I lift up all my energies, spoil my mood/days?"
*note: friends, not that I don't care/love you. you know the difference... =P*

Please enjoy our pictures to Port Diction Avillion Amiral Cove. I came back again since last year's OGP.
We had a small arguments over this small trips when times and mood doesn't gets right.
After some while, he booked and we moved on .. hahaha~
Wine for the night
Hardly walk on beach as it rains
He was working

Our both screen lock papers now =)
I set for him! Force him.. hahaha

He loves the boats, sea and sky. He keeps taking picture
while I quietly took some of his back and edit
He's now setting it as profile pictures~

Pools that we swim

love the laziness days with him
loves the place in PD as we both started somehow related to PD 

Loves you!





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