Monday, February 4, 2013
Oops, snake year is coming....

I did not cut/dye new hairstyle instead, remaining curly hair on scalp.

Legendarily, I cleaned the nasty big cupboard filled with dad's whole bunch of souvenirs.
Now made me... backache. You see la, old woman already (mum pointed to me) ..bla bla bla..
I bend up and down , with also vacuumed my entire car.
I admit, maybe not that clean, but I satisfied. (Mum: aiya, I sponsor u RM10 to car wash and vacuum la...)

Not that I'm stingy, but sometimes you feel succeed in completed something you never did before.
Why not start out now? before it is too late.

Then manicure myself at night after all the cleaning is done.
certainly 99.99999999% satisfied. Hiak Hiak! (thanks miao for borrowing me some nail polish)

Lastly, ever done my new CNY clothes shopping?
If u did ask me, I could never done this. No ending till the end of my life.
Sorry, I love shopping. However for this year CNY, yes! I stopped shopping already.
Till I got mood to shop again.
When you grow older, you'll notice hard to search for a suitable clothes.
Yes, but little too expensive I thought.
Uh huh, I always grab cheap stuff. Just sometimes can beg from my bf (*only T & C applied).
I'll save till the next trip =)

oh yea~ THanks for my brother snoring...super annoying as I'm light sleeper. =_=

bye~ And happy CNY!





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