Precious February

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Dealing with CNY, Secondary gatherings, university gang gathering, girls' gang shopping, family gathering, family visiting and so on. Really have been busying schedule gathering to catch up with all of them. However I'm glad that they are all healthy and live happily.

 Right before CNY, I'd got my nails done. yes, DIY~

 ji mui are sending us their new outfit on the first day of CNY.
Why not collage it.
 with my pretty cousin during reunion dinner
 then we, 2 families went up to the cold place, Cemeron!
Just wanna get rid of HOT weather in KL.
 I help my cousin on this nail art. pretty?
 a picture that my London friend thought I'm in London.
Felt sorry to made her happy a while... 

 Trying to pose la. hahaha
 bought small fire works up there for some entertainment.
Believe me, hills up here, bad traffic jam!
still i love the weather.. I eventually freezes!
Back to KL from Taiping, the day after is~

Valentine's day!
 actually I'm glad that me and him are able to meet up for a simple dinner
which later on a guy with a basket of flowers walked into a restaurant
and he bought me a rose for what he mean to me 
he honestly telling me that he is looking for a flower shop before he come to restaurant
He is too honest that I do not know how to react, as in, I feel that is valentine's when there is flower
while I don't want receive as much flower as a bouquet. So I'm fine with it.
and happily satisfied.
 Throughout a sudden, he was deciding whether want to bring me to his parent.
still CNY, and I haven't pay a visit.
At least an ang pow mah. hahaha~
Then I went to his house for a catch up.
 trying to act cute, but this is more like a mature (OLD) woman is doing.

 A girl day out.
Ju Lee from Australia is back! Back to KL of course.
 Planned a trip to shopping
as she always complain Aus does not have much cheap and nice clothes, esp SIZE.
So here we go~ She end up bought a year of clothes supply in 2013.
Hope she got to wear it all.
 Another day with her and her darling.
Is the first time we met, at Plan B, Midvalley
 Having such a big breakfast
 her darling paid and she must be heart pain. =P
 Another gathering with secondary gang
 colleagues with lion dance
 Second, gathering with more relatives
at Kuala Selangor this time.
 fresh and nice... the rest.. no comment

so reluctant to say that, till my age still beg for angpows.
well, good news is that, I saved enough for BKK trip!


and the end.





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