He is my Day

Saturday, March 2, 2013
I try not to be as 'sweet' as possible. Is my beloved birthday. He never treat this day as a big day. Ever since he is with me, he started to treat his birthday as a BIG day, cause I seriously think this is a big day, if this is not the day he born at the time, He wouldn't get to know me (or, I wouldn't get to know him).

However, I'm a bad-present-thinker always. Whenever I bought things for people, I don't think people use it. (sad hor) So I did not bought him anything yet in the mean time (since he says he don't want). I sure will get him a gift till he surrendered tell me one thing he most wanted. Plus, over the years, had tried gave him things that every one can think off. I just don't know what to give a guy with affordable price.
is TGIF, he always thought it is not a good day for him
but who cares is bad, so lets just made a good day for you.
we hardly took picture everywhere. 
oh well, this is the time we sit down while waiting for food,
is picture time.
went for a movie and that's all we had our lovely night. 

I gave him a card and some chocolates.
I just felt like, every occasions need a card.
what the person wrote to, and what it meant inside, is the most powerful words that touched a person's heart.
somehow, it wrote the moment's feelings on that period of time.
whenever you flipped over, you can't imagine you smile in front of it.

again, Happy Birthday Dear.





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