Hinamatsuri Tea Ceremony

Sunday, March 3, 2013
 This is for celebrating doll festivals in Japanese culture. Held every 3rd of March (today lor). I like/LOVE to read japanese comic books or animations. Not only i admire the arts of drawing itself, it also help me to understand some japanese culture brought from the comic. My friend who study in Japan Foundation, invite me for a look of how they present Tea ceremony. of course, fee of RM10.
 For Japanese, to serve a tea, every gesture of serving is a study. They would have to study for years for become the Master. I always wanted to look with my own eyes. Then I got this chance. 
for more info, click here
 We have to wait outside for waiting them to invite us in.
After that, no picture is allow.
 When I get in, saw something like the above. (after when they bring in one by one)
u can see the video here
 Was served with this sweets before taste the tea. 
I love the sweet, it is hard, but it melts right after put in your mouth.
Then you can drink the tea by turning the cup twice. drank with 'gulp' sound, represent you enjoy this tea.
it is powder motcha, which is all natural!
I never tried powder mocha until today, nicely tasted as well.
after tasted the tea, you could admire the art of cup.
 the dolls display

 says that this dolls is to pray for their young girls for growth and health.
However, this display must took off before 4th of march, else the daughter won't get marry.
do you believe that? =)

and sushi.
Sorry, this is not include in tea ceremony.

That's all!





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