Croisette Cafe

Sunday, September 29, 2013
French dining is a piece of art! You shall never stop taking photo before you start eating them.  Wanted to try this cafe so long ago since from Astro program. Got to know it is quite near to our office and we are organizing team lunch, so we shall decided a try on this.
It is located in a condominium, Cascadium Condo, beside the pool.
Too bad that the pool is in renovations, so we can't get a good view.
Due to we reserved like last minutes, we also just can have limited set lunch
Set lunch came with 3 course, Appetizer, Main course and dessert
everyweek menu will be change 

macchiato coffee
You never know, it is that small cup =)
But macchiato is that small cup.
Rotizza Magharita 
Small cheese pizza with herbs
smoke salmon
My duck comfit
it is soft enough for not really need to cut it.

and apple tarts
it is yummy!

for more info of this cafe, please click here

Besides food, I went to visit my niece.
the little naughty one, see what she did. hahaha
Happy monday BLUE





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