Sweet Girls' Trip

Monday, September 23, 2013
Hola~ girl's trip for after so long.. yes, just four of us. It is more than fun just mini trip. Short sweet trip.
small packing will do
bring my banane bag
and this time I'm not the driver =)
Thank you Christy for driving us!
When we reached this place and we are joyful~~
we have got ground floor resort~
@Grand Lexis private pool resort

We have got indoor pool!
click here for more indoor view
have bed room, pool place, a small kitchen with kettle and microwave with plates
then we had shower area and poo poo area as well as large basin place.
Moni quickly pick up her phone
we have got 2 large king size beds!!
a 4 feet pool

Love Moni's expression here
Girls on the bed

we were then move towards searching lunch
and saw this nice pool
at lucky restaurant, so called bread curry chicken!
then our bikini theme begins
we swim in this cool water and felt that is not enough big for us to swim along
we transferred to bigger pool and that's how our evening go
we playing along the pool as well as teaching moni to swim

after long exercise....
we lazy to walk out of hotel.
so we did eat cup noodles and some dabao's roast pork!!
not to forget our beer time and game started
I losses a lot >.<""

we had our pillow talk, and went to bed after the long day~
we woke for breakfast in the morning
and walked to the chalet seaview
not to forget our always favourite group picture

please just ignore me

love this picture!
but this mark as our end of one night trip
very grateful that all enjoyed

wish this could never end
Love you girls~





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