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Wednesday, October 30, 2013
There is always a work around year that I realized is it a time to move on? Like wise, today, I heard a new girl of mine told me something that I told my ex-senior last few years ago.

I remembered, it was 2 years ago, when I had a feeling that my senior will resign from work, and left me this little no experience girl to handle things, I always told her: 'U cannot leave here, I cannot don't have you to work with!' and now, a same sentence was heard, and it is pointing on me.

Not that I felt pressured or stressed at that moment, not happy nor glad either.  All these years, I grow a lot. I'm a different person when I'm working compare to last 3 years.  Just that this sentence made me think a lot. I even think that it is time to let go some and let them handle more, if I continue to stay here, how could they be possible to be promoted. I was like, Jesus, why could this bother me a lot while I can just do my own things right, but not think more of their future than yourself.
Averis annual dinner 2013
This thought just pop up..... how they choose to be their future is not under my control but is from their own hardworking, attitudes and initiatives. I am some what related which is needed to guide them become promoted. In other words, could grow/groom them and sit on my place. =P then where would I be?
Averis annual dinner 2012
To be honest, I do not know how to teach subordinates to become more grown ups, not that I don't want to. So far, they are kinda independent and organized enough for not letting me worry anything... YET! They are not really all the 'strawberries' kinda young adults I could see. I put hopes on them for sure.
Well, lastly, when is the time? don't ask me ~





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