Where is my Valentine's Day?

Saturday, February 15, 2014
Most of you know that I'm distance apart from my bf.

Well, most of my colleagues knew and still asking me do I have any dates? I was like: Yes, date with my 2nd bf! *gave a sweet smile*

However I was glad that I did not go on any celebrations that day.
As after worked, I went home and traffic was smooth when I on the way...all routes to KL is super duper jam. I'm so glad I'd home cause after that, rains cats and dogs.  I'd even get wet with umbrella.

Dinner with parent and watch drama. On Facebook and saw every couple and newly wedding couples are with flowers, dinners, presents....etc... etc. How jealous.... Not for present wise, but how I wish he could be here.

"I'll need some short nap and call u at 10pm" he whatapps me.
Alright, as usual, I bed he won't got up that on time. To my surprise, he called.
He did mention that he set like 3 alarms to wake up. Great affords!
This little gesture had made me happy enough.

And his surprise post in facebook. Well he don't usually post something on facebook to show everyone. but yesterday he did. Seems like telling everyone that he love me. hehe.

I love you too! I can't express much here. feels like giving you a BIG hugsss.

Happy Valentine!





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