Tous Les Jours @ WOLO building

Monday, February 17, 2014
I took out my handy camera and start snapping. Warning... loads of pictures here.

Went there with my mum this morning. Just felt that it is a sudden chance and I've got to try out.
It is Originally from Korea pastry. Colleague keep recommend their delicious and slight cheaper coffee.
it is under WOLO building at bukit bintang
built in with traditional french pastry street shop.
with modern glass shield
Bread is everywhere

glass compartment
self served add on.
all sorts of sofa and chairs table standby for your comfy level
My mama request me to shoot her with this look. 
Mum still photogenic!!
wordings on glass is so classically nice
with bricks on wall
I still took classic croissant and mum's Bostok
ignore my creepy sleepy face
mum took this! her Cafe cuppucino
My caramel Machiatto that my colleagues keep said worth it.
and it is really worth a try. 
smooth coffee!! I am the one rarely taste the ori of coffee. I like add milk and sugar. 
This is the type i like without sugar, it taste a little bitter but sweet as well with flavor of caramel.
really smoother my throat and does not lost the coffee
sneak to upstairs

my mum is big Fan of breads.. so do I.
Like it when sun shines in, but very hot. hahaha

the upstairs

where singles always sit here.... (told by colleague)

come in have a look when traffic jam

details can search here

At Wolo Building, Jalan Bukit Bintang.
Just opposite Lot 10, Zara.
Open: 8am to 11pm.





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