Chef & Brew and mollydooker's coffee bar

Friday, March 7, 2014
It was another weekend. We decided to bring my cousins and family for a dinner. We plan to have a good chat here at Chef & Brew. It is at Plaza Damansara.
Good in ambiance and romantic quiet place.
Customers normally filled in after 7.30pm.
We'd reached early.
So I decided to take a walk and took pictures.

The coffee counter
Long table with full of rack things.

Varieties of sofas
As just after valentine
Sizzling is come with salad
Lamb shank
Fish and chips
Hainam chicken chop
Naughty one
My sizzling grill fish

2 little ones become so active
My cousin sis insist want to try this coffee as she said it is nice coffee
It is just little small booth opposite Chef & Brew.
Little bench and tables
Coffee maker

Little sharing corner
I did not drink any coz... at night, ya know?
Although I love coffee, but I cant sleep if I drank at night,
THis is love hate moment, when I saw others can drink at night.
Well, my parent later cant sleep too. I guess is inherit. hehe.

Finally, there is a model here. 
She ran up and ask to let her sit on higher chair.
As we are taking pictures, she wanted to be in there.
Her mama stay put her pose like this and my brother quickly snap.
Cute right?!!

Plaza Damansara,
Medan Setia 2, Bukit Damansara,
Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour11am – late, Happy Hour: 4pm – 9pm





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