April~ My Birthday month

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nope, this is not my birthday celebrations. This is a lunch treated by my cousin sis (Far left). We are child hood cousins that we usually play with together.  Now we have all grown up to career men and women.
I act like she is.
She is finally got some smile winding up look!

Edited this picture to designated dialog. hahha

And the another powerful present of the year!
 He is back... for 2 days 2 nights just for my birthday
T.T so touching, He spoil me too much.. But I love him even deeper.
 I'm greedy... as I felt not enough .. I wan to be with him always.. side by side.
We had our normal cheers, food and also movie that we missed so much back then.
 Sea food and beers! Full until stomach bloated.
I'm really Happy and very very glad that he purposely made for this trip
For no reason at all, but just for me.
 No matter how tired he is, Thank you my dear.
With fully heavy heart,  he went back yesterday morning. 
I not dare to send him back airport.. afraid of cant let him go. :P

 Sunday spend with family~
 burger out with bro for lunch @ Burger Bar
 Bro ate cheese pork Burger with add on (RM4) fries and drinks
Inside of the pork is a layer of cheese~!!

 I ordered Salted fish Pork Burger.
I can tell you, They really use lots of salted fish mix with pork.
It is salty crispy! If you like salted fish a lot, come have this!
 Night out with parent.
@ bangsar shopping center, Ben's restaurant

 Duck comfit salad (Left pic) and teriyaki salmon rice (Right pic). 


 Thank you for all the wishes, especially when I woke up, tab on my handphone facebook, list of wishes~
 Colleague make up a simple nice event today after lunch. 
Picture is not with me. Thank you  for the efforts

At night out with secondary schoolmate at Nana's Green tea
Now at The Garden, Mid Valley.
If you are Green tea lover, I suggest you with this.
 really really really concentrate matcha & big cup of dessert!!!

 I chose Matcha "Nama Chocolat" Parfait.
Look at the big 3 cubes of Green color Ganache!! 
Ganache is some sort of chocolate type cubes... in short, this is matcha cubes!
your mouth will full of matcha that melt slowly in your tongue.
With sweet and green tea bitterness. hmmmmmm..

We tried another ice blended red bean matcha with jellies -Kanten Jelly too.
My friend said, it is just like 'Guai nin kou', except is that , it is green tea flavor.
A present from Brother.
 He know I like craft. Last end of year, I made one living small room for this
He bought another dining type for me. YAY~~

 A pressie from Miao 
really unexpected. It is cute! She made this herself.
She seldom make craft, as I know she always claims the fastest way
BUT, she MADE this for me!!!!
okay, she printed out and cut and glue. lolol
What worth is the inside.
Let you all guess, what is in it? 
it is light and non fragile. =)

但是,不由自主,也许了几个很抽象的。。。。例如: 世界和平、身体健康、平平安安、快快乐乐,事业顺利等。两个10年的岁月过了,第三个即将来临。无可否认的,女人青春有如:夕阳无限好,花无百日红,来形容。 怎么吟诗了?我还不够资格谈人生道理,也不想抱着烦恼过日子。
简单的快乐,想带给身边的人多点快乐,不想有遗憾,决不提后悔。留住美好回忆,过着平凡日子,感谢每一天的到来。 =)

Thank you all for the lovely wishes~!





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