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Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Lets the story begin...Once upon a time.... there was like 6 days ago....He and I, for the first time went to oversea, and just the two of us!!!! I was jumping high up when he told me his plan and he willing to organize all. Not only this, he said it was my Birthday present for the year... the air ticket claimed his. could I request more? It is more than expected and I'm so damn excited (few months ago when this trip air ticket was booked). The only thing hesitates me is due to I'd changed team effectively on 1st June. I'm afraid I could not get a leave from new team lead. Days goes by, everything was smooth!

Skipped all the traveling part...on 5th June, second day of Boracay trip...
His 'invisible' itinerary said that on the second day of the trip, we would stay dry, which mean on land activities. So we get up early morning, walking along the beach, many many travel agents approached us. All of the sudden, he decided on choosing one. Which price is more reasonable. I was reluctant at first, cause I thought I would happily went shopping first before messing up my make up. (Yes, slight make up)

After 5 mins of making up my mind, I gave in. We had to go back again and changed then meet up on the meeting point.  Then he saw parachute,all of the sudden, he said he want take parachute with me. I was like...hmmm.. since I never tried, why not go ahead? He quickly asked agent to arrange another parachute thingy after the Island hopping.

I skipped all those Island hopping part. Here come with the parachute preparations. As I know, he never play any highly adventurous game before. I keep asking him before flew off that whether he is okay or nervous with height? He answered me:Yes, I'm nervous, but I'm fine, still wanna go on parachute sailing.
I really scare he would faint due to high heart beat rates and caused his blood pressure increase... >.<

and up we go..... It is quite fun and relaxing! You can see all the view there. Just the 2 of us, for 15 mins on air. Naughty feeling tingling, I request him an 'on air' kiss~ But he refused. He said: If u want a kiss, you need to agree something first. I said: Harrr? what? why?? what is the conditions?

He: you have to marry me first (Smile)
Me: er... okay...but.. why...
He: You have to agree to marry me first only we kiss~
Me: Hahaha, dear, you must be kidding...

Somehow we are hanging on 'you must be kidding' conversations and he keep confess it is real. In my thoughts, how could this be the proposal rings or flower? (sounds materialistic, however I could not find a proof to belief that this is the real proposal!) After few times, I suddenly quietly think, this might be real cause he never bring this 'wife husband' questions thing before and he keep repeating. I quietly nod my head.

He happily shouted to the sky: I'd got a wife, Jia Pei is my wife!! I am stunned at first. but realized he is like 50% insane or 50% serious. lolz~ (Dear, please don't kill me!)

He yet suddenly said: you still haven't say 'I DO' will you marry me?
I: It had been 8years + with you, you know the answer.... and yes I do. 

He shouted a few times more... XD (and this time, I do not think he is insane). He then explain to me why he did not bring ring, as on sky, scare it will drop to the sea. He said the ring is in his bag now. And the sea turtle can be our witness to his proposal.(coincidentally, a sea turtle was swimming below us in the sea)  =P

well, we could be that funny cute sometimes.

and yes, at last, we did kissed on sky. ^.^

We head off back to hotel, after bath and clean up.. he bring this up to me...
Whoaaa... is my first impressions when he open up. I never saw such unique ring before. Another reason is, I adore this a huge lot! and Nope, I do not no how big it is or what grade is the diamond is. I could not read for the 1st sight. In fact, I'm diamond idiots. (Sorry Ju Lee, although you did share diamonds cuts/clarity/etc etc for us before, but I do not read. hahaha) I love the design a lot. 
I do not know which hands shall be the one to wear after proposal...hmm.. So I lifted up both hands for him to choose. He look at me surprisingly...because he also do not know which hands is... then we both laugh~
as we both know what happens. We get a wild guess, left hand ring finger. =) Then we google it.
And it is correct!

The ring size is perfectly match my ring finger!! thanks to Ju Lee. He asked my friend for help. Thanks to my generosity that I'd bought rings to Ju Lee before and our finger size is almost same.

How funny we are? it is not touching moment, but unforgettable happy moment of my life! No, is OUR life from now. He share me all the diamonds thing, then his pre-plan ABC...XWZ. My dear, well done! you had caught me. =)  And he also mentioned, before parachute, he was not nervous bout the heights, but the going to propose speech. LOL
I never thought this could happen so soon... I just want to be together with you forever. As simple as that, what you bring for me, cheers, laughter, love and sayang.

from now on, we are fiance & fiancee! Muackssssss


Anonymous at: June 14, 2014 at 9:41 PM said...

Stay sweet and happy always! <3




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