My wedding 27.6.15

Saturday, July 4, 2015
It had been so busy these few months, which I only have time to update wedding things today.
Yes, last week was my wedding day.

I would said that it is quite hectic preparation because we have to overcome new house renovation first, moved in and only can prepare for the wedding. Financially, high cost!! I would said that we nearly could not manage.

Since we wanted so much, tiring process but now, when I sit and recall back, it is worth a memory. every new couple should do one big occasion. Not only blessings that we received but the way how we both new married couple could manage.

Over 9years of relationships, We both roughly know what each of us can do well. He did most of the managing event staff by contacting the venue, contact his family and relatives, decide on the invitation cards, contact and select bands & emcee, decide on menu, event run down, liquors orders and so on.

While for me, I in charge mostly on deco, my friends and relatives's attendance and arrange table seats. Most of the stuff are done by my parent, and as a reminder to him (while he forget or quite frustrated if I keep remind him)

And yes, he done a lot. I'm glad he had a bunch of good buddies, I felt lucky as well that have a bunch of understanding BFF.

Lets start see the pictures...

 temporary borrow my brother's room

 the ji mui's preparations!

 meeting the night before
 cute gown they done for me
 rosmah in the process
 with my mum T.T

san fu sai!

That's all for now.

Thank you all for helping and tons of blessing!





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