Small Empower trip

Sunday, September 13, 2015
Is like almost after a month of our wedding, we had a small trip as an appreciation for both of us, working so hard to achieved 2 life goals within half year. we moved and renovated house & we had just finished our weddings events.  Which most of the newly wed couple would usually do, but not as smooth as we did.  The most hardest thing is the financial bits.
Right, having a vacation also need money, well... a small one will do.
That's why we haven't get to go to our wedding honeymoon yet.
What? Air asia promo? free seats? duh... 
we like enjoying luxury moment. the Grand lexus (old) chalet
We went before and this is our 2nd time

we enjoyed our seafood as well.

Not much to say here, You all know PD well.
It is kinda boring, but we love it as it is the nearest beach we could go and more economic.

Seafood is our best accomplishment. 





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