September ends with Big Dreams!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015
I'm suppose.. to update this later... but I can't hold it any longer... I'm gonna burst out!!

This year had achieved 2 dreams that I'd never expected to be so fast.

A song sing: Wake me up, once September ends~~

Not only me, some friends of mine also achieving their dreams in October!

P.S. Tokyo! (click here for info)

P.S. is stand for Patricia (who is also the blogger) & Samuel. Both of them are lovely couples and they work out to run a business in SS2! Samuel is my Secondary classmate, although we did not much contact each other, but friend's business is also part of our business to help out by shouting out their lovely cafe!!
Attending their grand opening on 4th October 2015
Yeap, Tokyo means the food is all imported from Japan. The main dish is Soft served Matcha flavor!! it melted once in my tongue with matcha sweetness at first and bitterness later. Not really bitters but it is just nice & smooth run trough our taste buds!

He gave us the permissions to make our own soft served. He said we got the talent, and we can just go work as charity part-timer. hahhahah~

 As we tag #Pstokyo in instagram, it will auto print out like instant film!
 dripping coffee also from Japan.
It is quite easy to make and nice to take.
Not really strong bitter for me as I loves coffee, but it does make me sleepless that night
Good power ohm for me.
 selfie with the boss!! the one standing far right, grey shirt is Samuel.
As part of gathering for Azrul too. He is the Doctor and soon will be flying to Sarawak for 2 years to be a doctor latihan. Future handsome doctor!
Believe me, he is not this fit as per secondary school. He eats healthy and go to gym always to maintain his 6 pax. no kidding.
Another big dream for him too in October!
Bye Azrul!
For this age, everyone is getting their goals one by one, Some of us still working of course, but to the next level already, everyone is mostly settle down, got their own pathway to go to... their value of life and happy with living. No deny, there will be some difficulty too.

I also have my big dreams to achieve. It is bigger than I thought, it is big to throw my current career a part, took all my future money to invent in a course. No.. not MBA, not Master in Science either, is becoming the master of make up artist.

Class starting, bye!


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: October 7, 2015 at 1:06 PM said...

ganbatte kudasai




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