九江 Jiu Jiang business trip

Saturday, February 6, 2016
I had more and more opportunity to go on business trip.  This time is Jiujiang trip & 2 weeks for staying there. I was assigned to teach the China New Company how to use system.  Well, it is January, so it is WINTER!

Not that I haven't been to winter country before, but that is years ago.  Now, I'd to experience again and I pray so hard so that I hope I could see the snow. However I was regret after that. Tell you later...

In case you want to know where is Jiujiang, it is located near to Chang Jiang river 长江 - the longest river in China. So, it is in the middle of China and KL does not has direct flight over there. We need to transit to Guangzhou first then only can reach Nanchang, then take 2 hours car to the hotel. Tired die.

By the time we reached hotel that day was already 11.30pm. Don't ask how was it, it is very tired during the long queue in Guang Zhou custom.

 Jian Guo hotel. which seems so high end.
We love it.

 we have to travel for near to 1hour to reach office everyday.
 meeting room
 so, this is our canteen food. only chopstick was provided.

 Let me took photo with logo. :)
 I have to wear like 4 to 5 layers everyday.
It is 3 to 7 degree for the first week.
Very de cold

 In front of hotel.
Chang jiang river view.
 We are very excited when dinner time.
My China project team will always bring us to different restaurant and it taste good.

 wine or alcohol is a mus in winter!
 The food is awesome. 
Don't ask me what is the name of this food.. I never read any menu.
I just eat whatever they ordered.
 Fish also is a must there, as nearby river, many fresh fish is served with reasonable price.
 Right, I can eat a lot during winter.
I have a good appetite there!
well, I tends to get hungry faster than in Malaysia.
 here we go with the project team
they are very good and kind to us,
They help us a lot especially when communicating with other China people
I can say that China people treat their own people nicer. :P
 Office building.
 This is not a nice alcohol.. it contain like 52% alcohol.. and yuck!

 some thing like 三杯鸡·

 fried chili!

 use wood to cook

 we also tried street food there.
No diarrhea. I'm pretty healthy there!

 I have add on more clothes at night.
 us while waiting for food.
 China Hamburger
 Handmade noodles
 small small shop
 a walk to jetty.
 since not yet snow, I edit some snow there~
 Sateri's own jetty
 Poser!! hahahaha
 Tang yuan
 big pale of rice!

 we changed to another hotel
it said is 5 stars, but it is rather old.

 This time is lake view

 sun set

 we have to walk across the lake for every dinner like 30mins..
 themed restaurant! Soldier theme. heheh

 Big pot of steamboat with fish soup!

 2nd week will be on training room

 dinner treat by boss :)

yucks again!

Almost final day. We finally saw the snow!

 We are so excited wanted to play the snow
after breakfast, quickly ran out.
 It is very slippery.
 It is still snowing!!

 The touch of the snow.
So cold until my hands pain
 Grab it and become ice kacang. hahaaha

 so pretty in white!

 my First snowman
 we try to build one. it is so hard to build pretty one.

We heard that the snow will getting thicker the day we going back.
We afraid that the highway will be closed due to heavy snow so we decided to stay near to airport.
I find a cheap budget hotel there. It is only 5 mins to airport by car.

 cheapo hotel's toilet.
It is not snowing there.
 Manatau the next day when we woke up...
It is covered by snow already...
 we rushed to airport and we saw this:
 there is no plane in airport -.-"
One by one the flight numbers all changed to "delayed" status.
We have to wait like 4 hours in airport for the plane. T.T

We still got one more transit in Guangzhou.
We are damn afraid that we could not make it.
When we reached Guangzhou, it is like 4.30pm. Our next flight is 5.10pm
we run like hell in airport, cut whatever queue we had to, let ppl scold at the back.
Then rush trough custom, damn it, they still want us to take off the shoes, jackets , laptops etc.
then we found a bugee car. charged RMB20 per person. 
Tak apa, bagi saja!!!
Finally.. we reached the gate, and just nice, they just open the gate, on boarding.

We are so glad. T.T
We reached KLIA safe and sound.

What a trip.





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