Married life 婚后

Sunday, May 1, 2016
I believe every women's after married life is different.

Let me tell a happily after life story:

We had been dating for like 10 years, without staying together. Yes, we did went for some tour together, it is just like maximum 5days trip. It is short, short period does not show any of the habits from both of us. I'm not saying I am the one having all the good habits, it is just like we does not have the suitable way of living together yet.

It had been like when dating, we always showed the good sight of everything. Marrying a man you love that much it is just like a dream come true. I am pretty serious! hahahhaa.
I am always having those dreams of marrying someone in a hall. I'm wearing a pretty princess gown, when I'm standing beside my groom, feeling very happy, every time I lift my head wanted to see his face, I always awaken by the alarm clock. Kinda funny yet happy dreams. I always told him, I don't know who is the groom *hints*.

After he proposed, the dream changed. I could always clearly see his face in the dream in the wedding hall!! Sarcastic, right? But it is the truth. Until recently, I stop dreaming about marrying scene, since I already married. My dreams kinda so realistic. lolz!

Well, I'm now dreaming about the next step of life. Not telling you first, but I think you had guessed it right.

Back to topic:
Don't ask me whether he thinks the same of marrying me as his wife is it a dream? I am sure I would not ask those stupid questions. Just that we are women, we always seek for best answer even though man could just saying the sweet words.

When living together, we had an on and off arguing sessions. every man sure mentioned, every after married life is just like a life without wings.  Same to him. The perceptions of married life is... a bit different.  Not saying I had settle this "freedom" case, just that we settle it by giving each other a step backwards.

Besides that, sorting out the house-cores also having a little bit conflicts., Not much~ just that I am not suitable to his MAN's life. When I am at mum's house, my dad and bro are behave good due to my mum's nagging and control. Day to day, I realized that it is not by mum's power or control, it is because mum doing everything left out from them and she does complains, but still doing for them. That is! This the lessons~ Don't expect any returns for every things you doing, if you do, you do with whole willingness.

Slowly, I tends to think, whether it is necessary to hold my own persistence to continually change his habits or remain calm and do my own things freely. As time passes by, I choose to slowly let go my uphold thing, I changed to uphold my own objectives & my targets, rather than hope to change a person not your control. A man could not be change unless he willing to, and no one could be under your own control. I started to feel him, the way he do things. Slowly I adapt to his life somehow, he also doing the same. We started to have some mutual way of living.

It works well.  :)

So, how do you think?

I do not demand of a rich life, but a Rich life.  A rich of loves, warms & caring family life that I always dream of.

Yes, A Family. :)





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