Little tantrum during le trip

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
After a year plus of marriage & about 11 years we know each other... things still move on the same
He goes to his work and I goes with mine... and yet we also did argue a few times too.
Others might not able to see how lovely we are, at the same time we do have some 'hiccups' too when things doesn't seems the way we wanted.

As mentioned on the previous post, we went to Japan as our honeymoon, and this is the 2nd time we went abroad, just 2 of us. It is the first cities that we traveled alone, no one else know us, only we know each other. Some other oversea we traveled was Boracay Island, which is more easier compared to the cities, because only few routes and you probably have only one transportation.

Japan is a different world to us. We couldn't speak Japanese, we haven't took the transport before, culture is different & so on. Many things we have to figure out ourselves, which everyone says, this is the exciting part about travel. Somehow we both personally think... not this way of excitements we wanted for travel. Thus we shall let it flow as it is when the day come.

The hiccups for this story:

It is long tiring day after a lot of walking, probably on 6th day of traveling.
I guess, my tiredness, caused me to emotional break again. I never thought it burst just like that, I thought I will get only 'hangry'. He knows that I'll get very impatience especially when I was hungry.

We reached our stations in a subway, we want to find a way out. That subway is very long and huge,  a lot of shops still selling food and tidbits. He said he is hungry, he was thinking what to eat and I told him I was very tired. He suggest to dabao from family mart. He did and we walked towards the exits (searching the correct exits). When walking, he stopped one by one shop thinking want to get some better food. He is still hesitating even with dabao food already. In this moment, I know he have yet made up his mind. By standing there waiting him is killing my feet at that time being... Only that day, I felt my feet is damn tired.  Right, I should wait him since he always wait me. The thing is the batteries of the wifi and hp left few %.

For me, less than 35%, i'll felt unsafe, due to my emo phone, can suddenly dropped till 0%. I am pretty worried because we haven't find our way back, while he is looking for food & I am damn tired. Okay, I told myself i have to be patience. I'd got to let him be... i tried to look around to pull my intention away from tiredness.

I saw a tidbits shop, I find it quite interesting. I walked in after I told him I'm there for a while in case he looking for me. This shop got some affordable tidbits which I think I can buy home. He came in without any food besides from family mart. Okay, I guess he changed his mind again la. I told him bout this shop, he surveyed and said yea, kinda worth. Then I said, so we buy now la? He said, tomorrow come buy again la, since tomorrow also coming to this subway.

I said, why not now? since already here and we going back hotel. Else tomorrow could not find this shop.... He said no need la, can wan la... he said again: you not tired meh? you not saying the battery finishing soon?
In that seconds, my fire are rising.. in my heart, speaking: what? who is waiting you here? who would go to this shop if you wan see something else, and now you end up buying nothing, still sound like that I'm the one complaining all these?  I said: Fine! ( you know what that mean right, when a woman said 'fine') I put back the empty basket away and walked out of the shop.

He then asked me: Why? What are you angry about?
oklah, at least he knows that I'm angry, but he does not know why.

I held up and keep quiet. Not that I want a cold war. I just want to calm myself up so that I wont say something that could hurt him or spoil our honeymoon. I know that if there is a mirror in front of me, I would look terrible or horrible to everyone. Luckily we were at Japan, no one know me.

I simply walked up a stairs, he also keep quiet and following me. When up to the road and when waiting him to wear his jacket, the cool breeze air did make me feel better. It calms me down. I turn back to him, he is struggling wearing the jacket with his bag on. I know that he needs help. I held his bag and help on turning his hoodie out from his jacket.

He looked at me surprisingly, he still straight forwardly said: I thought you still angry.
I gave him a cold smile and said: What to do? we have to made it up. I feel better now.
He shamelessly ask me again: why are you angry? I don't understand.
OMG, he still dare to ask why? Luckily I said it when I mean it, means I already calm down. I explain to him why and until the part I mentioned, batteries are gone soon... he asked how many % left? I said 33%. He laugh... I still remember he laugh sarcastically. Hmph! you see, his handphone has left lesser than 20%, pocket wifi is charging with my bank battery, my hp left 33% and we still have yet reach hotel, plus I am damn tired. I am dragging myself already, you know?

However, he still hold me tightly when we both walking back hotel. His one step is my 2 steps... you know I told him to slow down... till we reaching, I felt my toes nearly cramp. No kidding.

Until we sit on our bed, we both was like 'ahh' relax.

I'm also surprised that I can be so calm within a minute. Thanks to the cool air. :)

Finished my tantrum already. Still, I'm looking forward to travel with him. Why?
1) he is fine with everything
2) he can wait for me when I'm shopping
3) he still there no matter how beh song(unsatisfied) he is
4) he can help me finish my portions
5) he not so calculative on things:P
6) help me carry things and heavy luggage
7) spend time with me
8) seems don't care about the trip but he does care
9) know what am I thinking even I just looking at him
10) can stand my tantrum. hahahha

Thank you my dear :)





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