Day 2 & 3 in Kobe, Japan

Sunday, December 11, 2016
I'd been lazy and busying these days. I did not update my blog often. After 2 weeks and I'm gonna fly again. well, business trip again.

Back to topic. I found Luke's lobster near to my hotel. OMG.. it looks so tasty!
And of cause, for me it is quite pricey.
 Coffee time the next morning. We had planned the night before to go somewhere~
Breakfast at downstairs. Our hotel does not compliment breakfast. So far need extra charges for every hotel we find in webs. We decided to be random. Might pick up at nearby family mart.

 This cafe quite nice and cozy. Just like starbucks.
 seating by the window, we can look at the streets with people walking around.
I observe their fashion styles and also working suits.
 This does looks like Luke's lobster, but actually when open the sandwich, there is no prawns.
Only 4 prawns showing outside. hehehe
I never thought it happened in Japan. hmmm...

I always wanted to see their shrine.
Before i traveled to Japan, I watched some of the videos which explained their culture.
it is kinda excited.
by following the path we will passed trough a shrine.
Searching nearby this area.

We notice a door like symbol for the shrine and I know this is it!
 notice the doorssss over and I know it is for praying.
damn excited and took a lot of pictures of it since no people.
 they sure have these wishing hanging plates
cost like 800yen per piece. I doubt...
 it is big! Huge!

 After praying and got their fortune, they will tide here for their dreams to come true.

 mini fukushimi
 okie, wash hands first
 then wash face.  I ask my photographer must took my pictures. lolz
 toss a coin and pray. heard that must thoss a 50 or 500yen.. i forgot. 
 as if I had written one. ahahhaha
 Smart photographer know how to take picture of me without my instructions. I kinda like this natural actions. I was observing how people praying. toss coin, ring bell, clap twice, then make a wish.. correct?
 I like this feel too~

next, Kitano-ijinkan street
 streets where all foreigners had been staying long long time ago

 maps of the place
 not cheap but yeah

 western style cafe
 need to climb a lot of stairs....


 Finally here! the Europeans really know how to enjoy! they have good views 


 just like castle, but it is not that huge inside.

 I dono why there is a pig's statue in the garden

 by walking.. we reached LRT station
nearby there is a lot of shopssss

 love the soft serve!
 Macdonald for lunch. you see the PORK?
hehehe, it is nice.
 went back and he sleeps for noon.
I walk myself out there for exploring.. without map.
I saw this cute bus! it is actually kinder garden bus. Nice ho?
Why they so creative.

We always have some trouble when choosing dinner
we cannot speak Japanese, they cant speak English.

some of vending machine is all Japanese. Some small shops were fulled too.
I'm starving, so simply just choose one.
ding dong diang and eat whatever we chose.

 only 2 people are working. one is cook, another is helper. That's it!
 Pork ramen! so bigggg bowl.

 walk home to enjoy the night scene.

 got the whole big view!
next day breakfast before travel to Kyoto~





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