Days in Kyoto

Sunday, December 11, 2016
Imma going to update as much as I could
As long as I know there are always reader for my blog.
Not much, few but it is enough to keep me going.

Next is Kyoto!
We bought Kansai thru pass for both Kyoto and OSAKA cities.
This MRT cards is more like it. hahaha

we found Gimmond hotel
Which is quite old building but clean

checking in
as you know, we only could stay in on 3pm
so, lunch first!

again, we had trouble selecting lunch. Especially in new area.
I was starving and started to impatience.
We walked and saw this small restaurant with people
I drag him in just like that.
The moment we saw the vending machine, we felt just like life saver.
with english some more!
I can say that this is real fast food.
Food served within minutes.
there is a corridor just for the waitress.
So convenience.
ate halfway only know that I need take photo. 

nice, small, fast & non furious. :D

must remember this shop ya!
checked in and it is little small than we know
i mean the bed.
It is called small double bed. 
both of us gonna squeeze in for 2 nights.

The shampoo and stuff are in huge bottles. 
I mean it! Sheseido tim!

got myself tea when he is resting.

walking to the market and saw this melon.
Why you so expensive?

nishinki market which price is awesome expensive.
we saw some is expensive than supermarket out there...
hmmm and still crowded.

I like their packaging but could not buy it. control control
wow... sashimi neh
try every takoyaki as i can
cheesy one. not that spongy.. it melted like crazy
I mean the flour is still in liquid form.. are they meant like this?

Shrine in between markets
found disney shop here! 
just take a look and took pictures
shrine again when we wanna go to Gion street
kinda far, so we gave up.
we walk back to nearest MRT and we saw this pretty street

it is by the river. we assume it is Gion street then
of coz without Gion. lolz

Hungry than ever

breakfast the next day
it is really big nice nissin cup noodle
selling tea cups when walking up to a temple
pretty clips
origami earrings...
it is weekdays and still full of people
no kidding
yellow cap is primary students, they have this sight seeing activities
see the crowds?

loves stone
pray, turn 3 rounds around the rock, close eyes when walking to another same rocks
then you will find your another half
believe it or not? up to u.
Udon for small lunch
Matcha ice cream again
I beg him lolz
student is everywhere
they bought souvenirs like no need money

I must makeup
cannot loose to the japanese cute girls
his BBQ beef
he said... not nice. he felt cheated. lolz

we could not resist the smell
another tako. hoping it is nice
he do not want to share with me, so I got to finished all my own.. T.T
still soft melt tako that I do not really keen on
hello, look here!
suddenly a bunch of students out from the shrine.
He took this for a reason? hahahaha, jk
while he is helping foreigners to take pictures
maybe is because we could speak English
we asked in return, the only couple picture we took in japan by someone else
this is cute red plates
mini one
fox plates
Fukushimi is a fox's shrine
after we saw this map, we decided to U-turn back. lolz
take picture first

another temple he planned
it will be very pretty if all leaves turns red
too bad we were in wrong timing 

saw a primary kid taking train home by his own
very cute 
I guess Japan is safe for letting the kid travel alone.
you can notice I am taking this picture
try beer time
it is as nice as Hoagarden 
mochi in packet
back to the same shop for dinner
to our surprised, this shop open 24hours.
I took my friend's tumbler for the first free drink in starbucks
of course had permission already :)
onigiri for breakfast

that's all in kyoto!





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