Day 1 in Kobe Japan

Saturday, November 12, 2016
It is our honeymoon time! 
We kinda arrange this honeymoon on this May, but somethings up and we had to reschedule to October 2016. So many people being blacklisted and we are so afraid we are the one too.
Until we made it passed customs, we were like... ahhhhh

here we goes. The AA changed our schedule to midnight 1am! we originally booked morning... seems like impossible, they tried to squeeze every one in one big plane. Yes, is the X plane we are taking! woo hoo~

Believe me, it is very tiring when come to night. We got to see sun rise via plane!
we did not really find our routes and where to go.
It's very last minutes, only we find his friend who traveled to Japan often, to give us some guides.
Because Japan's railway is a bit complicated... but is very convenient!!!

Once we touched down, we search for the post office to get our pocket wifi.
and I saw family mart. I'm damn excited, because every convenient store at other countries are soooo damn good...!

okay, here is their food. Fast food.
Onigiri too
it is expensive, but... yeah, japan mah.
while he is reading the guide, I am eating bread brought from Malaysia.
Don't know why I am damn hungry while in other country.
As well as before the plane, I had eaten one bread. 
While flying, I had an awful stomach discomfort. 
I think that I'm too hungry with stomach air, and yet the pressure is coming when on board.
I nearly puke and when chicken rice is in front of me, I had the stronger feeling that I'm gonna vomit.
I have to tahan sikit .. when time passed only I feel better.
Until I reached Japan, I can jump again. hahahaha~
after that, we slowly headed to JR station for the tickets.
It is long queue.... And we got it.
He asked me to place nicely, else, this few hundreds ticket have paid by myself.

We are quite lost when we just got into the train station
stood there for like 5 to 10mins to figure out the way
of the map... somehow does not came into our mind...
and we seems like .. dono how to read map any more.

so, we just bravely walked inside a train that we both
seems strongly believe that it is going to kobe. lolz!
 when the train started, it shows the route of next station,
just that, we feel so relief in a correct train.
as the ticket is unlimited access for 3 days, so it is fine if wrong train taken, we would just change it.

Most crucial part... when we reached OSAKA station.
about 5 to 6 platform for you to choose.
we both like stupid person in that platform.
 in that platform itself also have rapid line, super express or limited express line.
friends told us that the train would stopped on the same line labeled on floor..
it seems didn't. it is better we look at the train's indicator with chinese.
Luckily we both know chinese. hahahha
 At last, we gave up and ask the information center. 
He told us the number and we just stood there and wait. 
Go in the train once it arrived 
to Our luck, we arrived on our desalinated place.
Motomachi station
we walk tru a nearby street stores and found our hotel!
Tokyu Rei Hotel just 5 mins walk from motomachi stations
beside us is china town and street markets.
We are not afraid of getting starved! hehe
We are going to stay here for like 3 days only before heading to Kyoto.

weather there is slightly cooler than Malaysia
Too bad, we only can check in on 3pm. So we going to have lunch.
The hotel also provide free luggage keeping.
We simply chose a restaurant
I choose simple egg with udon
His is Udon with rice.

Then we had a walk on the street 
I walked inside drug store... 
OMG.. I wan to buy many thingssss!!
I want to on hold until last day, because we gonna travel to different cities, and the bag will surely heavy if bought a lot of things..
I rather spend more on food. :D

I control myself first. Looking at the price and surveying 
since everywhere in Japan also having same drug store thing. I guess
this shopping can wait.
we checked in finally!!
got a large queen bed and all were nicely placed.
simple, tidy and modern
we both like their bathroom a lot a lot

they wont provide tiny toiletries.. all were big bottle
If i knew it, I sure won't bring mine. It is all provided with good one.
really good toilet bowl, wont smelly even after poo. hahahah!
Impressed with their technology.
No wonder I heard people stealing the lid away. hmmm...

 Having some drink while he sleeping

Hotel also provide free DHC facial thing!!
I bought this sweets. I heard that this will make your breath smell like rose!
I ate it and quickly ask him to smell my breath >.< lolx
How it taste like? Very rosy and I dont think everyone like it
it is soft after few mins of sucking.. (this sound so wrong)
It is sweet and first and sour later.

Normal mini matcha biscuits. If you love matcha, go ahead.
I could not sleep, because someone snore so loud.
ah hem.. so I washed myself up and put up my makeup with spec.
About more than 12hours I did not sleep well, I guess, just spec la.
When on the street, I notice every girls are on make up!
Simple as it just foundation for the aunties till moderate light make up for the younger girls.
They all following the trend with loose pants and autumn wear already
I couldn't see anyone wearing bright colors with flowery dress liao.
All are in black, grey, camel brown, army green or white.
all were so pretties.

Not so cool weather~ Night time is windy
So ngam, I'm bring all autumn like colors...
Call me trendy mua!

okie, He is up, and I'm chasing him to bath and heading to dinner
I'm starving already even finished the matcha biscuits.
It is vending machine style. Kinda like their way.
They no need to served as in standing to wait for orders.
They no need to touch the money and afraid of thief
they do not need an english speaker waiter.
They just served the food out and clean the table.
Only one cook and a waiter would enough. hehehe well~
his sins smile.. food is coming
they always served with free drinks.
free ocha or water.

I am having raw fish don
don't ask me what fish. hahahaha
His fried chic with rice set
they served within minutes
I think, faster than fast food.
I love the way he took pictures of me nowadays
 he took the big efforts to get a nice pictures with good brightness
he tries a lot of time of course.
 walking to kobe tower really kinda hot
no need jacket by the way
 see the wheels?
Sunset quite early at 6pm.

another attempt. hehe

this is with my poor phone and selfie stick
on the way back, we saw a free musical fountain show

This is our 2nd oversea trips only with 2 of us.
Kinda happy and excited
We endure each other, respect other views at the same time
patience to listen to each other and also keen on trying something the another one likes 

Happy Honeymoon!
I missed Japan already





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