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Monday, October 3, 2016
I does not expect I'll go to so many places in one year. I always had a dream like the other young people's goal, one year once of the trip to oversea... I remember I did not have one oversea trip for last year due to over expose of financial....for marriage :D we did a local trip instead.

This year was suppose to be a honeymoon trip year for both of us. Yes, for certain time... we actually have to reschedule our honeymoon to another month.  I'm so upset that time. Now was like, fine~ we have to go on October no matter what.

This year, I had been to oversea like 4 times already until today. It was like... whoa! sure syok sial! Well, yea, is true.. first trip this year is to Jiujiang China. Winter and sibeh cold, business trip.
Next, May is to Kerinci, Indonesia, also a business visit to the factory.

Where this picture took place.
And it is damn hot and noisy.

After that, went to local trip in Pulau Besar Johor.
Craziest moment and I vomited when on boat. 
My first time vomit on boat. ish!
Next to Xin Hui, Guangdong. That is also business presentation and meeting trip.
Sorry, no picture here... I think I lost it somewhere... 

Continuously, I just back from Perth, Western Australia.
This is really an unexpected trip of all.
Above all, business trips were also unexpected. hahha

My bff who planning to marry next year was having pre-wedding photoshoot!
I know I'm not so good at makeup yet, but she chose me!
(erm.. I told her to find other options first than me. I guess I'm lucky one)
Glad I made it to the trip, got more leaves to take. hehe
It is so fun, because I had a hassle free trip and also she is so kind of having me to play together when she on photoshooting. hahahaha! Worth the trip. So happy for her. 

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