1 year already~

Sunday, July 10, 2016
Hi all, it had been a year since after my wedding dinner.

Been through a lot, especially when making him to realized how different is being with a wife and a girlfriend. (giggled)...

He is a responsible guy I shall mentioned, I don't mean he did not responsible as a husband. However a husband is also a MALE/GUY~ what's a man really wanted?  Well, if mention a 80:20 ratio.... 80% of the men still want a freedom even after marriage. 20%? could be anything.... you figure out. (no studies at all, base on own knowledge)

For a simple reactions from his friends and I think I had proudly build a famous 'name' among them. Well, most of his friends are still singles, and I do not want to comment after they had their marriage.
They might have nightmare after that or maybe I'm the best wife after all. LOL! why would I think of that.

Saying about friends were single, most of my best friends were going to get marry next year!!!  ALL 3 of THEM!! horray!!!  next year I'm gotta be the busy bridesmaid. hehehehe. Damn excited.

They are currently having the preparing stage of wedding things. Seeing them preparing stuff made me recalled how wonderful it is when I was preparing. Although it is a bit tiring or troublesome, I wanna advice is that, it is really worth it. When you do it all by yourself, it is the best moment you enjoy with him.

Speaking of preparing, I'm a typical Taurus... I know that I wanted a very creative wedding, but when come to cost, I rather saved it and put it on food than deco. hahahaha!

Here is the dream wedding I may adore:
 This is the reality.. how my wedding receptions looks like:
ask for tips. lolz

deco before go in the hall~

 The Mr. Mrs. chair

Inside the hall:


Table deco or display


In conclusions, I'm not bragging or complain here, I just want to let the rest of the brides-to-be realized, when dream and reality is different unless you hire a wedding planner. :)

I am glad is over and I'm really satisfied with the wedding we both organized. I'm the hassle free bride, because I demand less, and I just do not want to worry any single thing during actual day. What I worried the most is when on stage or PK when walking down the aisle with the 3 inch heels and long gown. hahahhahah!

All my worries and preparation throw to the groom. Because he walk easily with no heels.

Thank you for making this day happened. Although I always whining that it cost so much and trouble organizing, its really amazing and made us the King and Queen of the day. It is a family gathering I shall say. Loves and blessings all over. No regrets.

Thank you everyone for making it happened!





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