The frustrating flight of the ending year of 2016

Saturday, January 14, 2017
Well, Happy 2017!
I brought you back to end of 2016 story
I went to Wuxi and Shanghai for business trip

my company book us a mid night flight which good timing flight mostly sold out
I'm not sure the admin said is true or not.
Direct flight to Shanghai is lesser than I thought.
My flight time is 2.10am, so I got to reached airport at 11pm.
 here I off to airport.
wearing like 2 layers, and a jacket around my waist with a thick coat in my backpack
Imma very afraid of cold
From left: Me, Albert & Susan
 never thought that it is a long queue when checking in
we were happily yet anxious about this trip
after all it is a business trip.

we thought it will be a smooth journey. If we reached on the next day, we still got more than half day to rest at the hotel before go to office the following day.

Things went awful when we actually in the flight for like 4hour plus in the air.
i sleep and awake few times for breakfast and not so nice seat
beside me is an old couple. Wife is from China, Husband is Singaporean.
 The wife speak to me first, asking for time and also when going to toilet (cause I seat near the aisle) 
Somehow I did not ignore them, because had read a lot regarding heartless China people.
 I know not all. They are nice people though.

after breakfast in the air, I fall asleep and I did not heard about the announcement.
when I awake is when they said they are landing. So I am going to ask for the custom card.
Then my colleague, seated opposite of the aisle told me, "no need the card"
I was like "huh? we should write when we are in oversea right?"
He "yea, but we are not. we back to M'sia"

So I know it is because of the thick fog in Shanghai that made us cannot landed in Shanghai.

The couple also thought they are in Shanghai already. They saw a lot of palm trees when landing.
the wife: I do not know shanghai got a lot of palm trees
the husband: maybe they tried opportunities though.
I was like... hahahha.. I better told them the truth.
They also very surprised we are back to KL.
They started to worried especially they have another transit in Shanghai.

Seems like they very lost. No, everyone in this flight is lost.
 The moment we stepped out the plane is already 7am
we were directed to wait in boarding room like 2 hours

many people in dissatisfaction, angry, frustrated and has a lot of questions to ask the air-cruise people
after an hour, there is really no announcements at all
Not much people in charged to calm the people.
3 of us sit there quietly
we observing the surrounding
of-coz some people are sleeping which did not care or seems like they had been trough these a lot of times
the kids run here and there
the adults talking, looking at the phone
some people is calling their relatives
businessman very calm and already told the company that they could only arrived in Shanghai like 1 day later.
Some transit to euro got full refunds and I think they could never made it for today

most of the people did not made much noises. 
bout 9am, They told us that they had arranged hotel for us, please follow a girl
so, we need to go out custom again, pick our lugguage, go to the bus.
A baby cried non-stop. Poor baby, I know they are tired, so do the adults.
we did not give annoying look to the parents, everyone knows what are situations. 
next 30mins, we reached Pullman hotel at Putrajaya.
it was already 11am of all the processes plus waiting time.
 we got our room cards, each people can get one room actually
but I'm sharing with Susan.
 all of us damn tired.... hungry and thirsty
 seeing this room is so happy!
No one told us what is the next flight, no announcement no nothing
 we do not know we will spend how long here.
we could get free lunch here 
 the restaurant
 then we go back to room for a rest
I could not sleep though. 
just close my eyes and rest
So we set a time to get up and bath.
5.45pm, no one call yet. Because I had checked the flight schedule before, So roughly I know the next flight is 9 pm
means we need to get to airport latest by 6.30 pm
I called to receptions and they said yes, there is already a bus waiting for us.
Damn, can't you all make a call??
I really do know how they arrange... =.=
I quickly call Albert to get ready.

When we reached airport, we check in again
only know that the next flight we going is on 12.30 am.
I was like.. okay... you all decide (energy-less)
They gave us a dinner voucher and only available for MCD & Burger King
We report to our bosses everytime there are changes.
they advice us to get the delay report from the Shanghai Airline to compensate us.
it is RM25 per meal after asking the counter
 So we ordered like max to fully utilized this voucher.
he is so happy. 
 okay, we arrived in the boarding room, bout 1am to 2 am, we went into the plane.
Plane did not move for 1 hour, we sit in plane quietly
I fall asleep and awake. we still there.
I saw someone told the air stewardess, to let us go down the plane
because we could not do anything here, cannot unbuckle or drink or eat or to washroom
we are back to the boarding room after 1 hour in plane.
 we are tired... and we know we cannot do anything in midnight
it is dreadful
we still smiling... because we got high EQ

They distribute us some refreshments
 I could not sleep at all.
still observing others
one girl really got out of control and started to shout
In english, korean and chinese.
actually everyone is upset too, some crowd surrounding the counter asking for information
another half quietly siting down and rest themselves.

No one come to comfort or tell us what is the next step
I could heard some of them rushing home for winter solstice
some is to back for xmas
while we are going to business trip.

back to topic, the girl shouting at the counter, while the crowds watching her 
she even mentioned to us: aren't you all feel upset? why only me upset about this?!
she turned around seems like looking for supporters to raise this satisfactions
some people do agree her statement but did not really shout out
some in discussions.. some ignore her, some still continue asking for info
these situations made her even angrier. Because no one stood up and said: yea, you are right.
she begin to shout her lungss out: where is your CEO? where is the Pilot?!  I want explanations!
in this situation, where there is no one stood up and explain?!

At first there is a local stewardess to calm her down, there is no one to help her
then a chinese girl speak in mandarin, loud and confidence: " what do you want? we already announced that it is because of whether, we cannot landed, what else do you want?!
The girl passenger: I wan explanation now now from your CEO, why there is no one stood up and explain to us all? 我要的是一个交代!!!

I was like.. sweating, thought: got an explanation already then what? you will reach Shanghai once you got the answer? and people already gave you the answer. 
Really, I do not know what else does she want. 
he said sleeping on floor is comfortable
 the wife that seat bside me said: yeah, the arrangement is lousy. If they know they still could not landed, should let us stay in hotel at least. No need let us came here then trapped here. at least still can rest in Hotel.
Is true though, but she did not make any big complain. somehow we all accepting the truth.

Then a hero stepped in.  He is also a passenger of this flight, when he speak chinese, I know he is local guy. Wearing decent formal wear, looks like a business guy.
He said: What you want, they already told you, it is because of whether...
The girl wanna chopped his sentence: I wan an explanation from CEO,,,
The guy: yeah, you wan CEO, manager pilot, they are also human, they are sleeping at this hour. what you want a more solid answer is a solution of getting there right? then tell them what you want or think a solutions. Maybe you can take flight to other part of not affected China area and take train to Shanghai? or other route perhaps?
The explanation could not bring you to the destination mah. 对不对?"

 I wanna clap to this guy. hahahah
The girl quiet down, and start to look for another flight.
 we continue to wait. We waited and somehow wish that the next flight cancelled
because if delayed again, we only left one day to the office. we could not made it to finish the presentations.
We were being informed that we can fly on 6am.
We told each other if this 6am cannot fly again, we gonna back home.

 The second breakfast in the plane
Yes, we successfully fly~
 reached Wuxi at 3pm
because we need to take 2.5hrs car ride to wuxi from Shanghai

 at least this is 5 stars hotel
it made us feel comfortable
especially seeing a bed there

 we also informed our client side we reached or whether to rush to office or not
they are very generous enough to told us to rest in Hotel
because they know we are exhausted already. T.T
touching neh.

 It is winter solstice today
we went to eat dumpling

 dumpling is how they celebrate, not the rice balls.
 we having our own reunion dinner
we could not finished it.. >.<

 we walking to a mall, we saw LED flowers!
super cold there and windy
still we wanna take pictures

because of fog, it seems like this building cross tru the clouds
yes, we went to a walk because we could not sleep anymore
It is like the sleepiness time had passed.

We decided sleep early and recharge for next day.





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