Ending Year of 2016

Sunday, December 18, 2016
Make it short and easy.

10 highlights of the year:

1) My Business trip to Jiu Jiang, China.
Seeing my 2nd snow in life time. I still very excited & freezing~

2) My First CNY with him & his family :)

3) Attend few concert free! :P

4) Got the opportunity to makeup for Raya fashion event in 1U!

5) My Ji Muis all marrying next year, I am so glad to be part of it to help them make up!

6) Visited Kerinchi, Indonesia~ RGE's factory & get to know few leaders :)

7)  Trip to Xin Hui, Guangdong for a presentation meeting.

8) Went to Pulau Besar with the crazy people. :)

9) Honeymoon Finally in Japan!

10) get an outdoor activities with the team~

I think still not yet finish, coming trip to Wuxi~

see ya!





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