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Saturday, March 25, 2017
Bought quite sometimes.. and I think is time for me to share some of the review of the things that I bought. It is not really what you want but sometimes does really surprised you.
I bought some during Women's day. The shipping is cheaper than usual.

Come see it:

Clothes wear
Pleated Skirt
I'm in love with pleated skirt lately. Don't ask why... just felt like it is the season.
Not because I saw on magazine or website. I just felt they are so cool,
Especially with bit metal color like below.
I found the cheapest I could buy because I know I could hardly wear it.
 Well, RM13 for one skirt with delivery, I think make it RM15. Worth right?
I think it is with 绒毛, fine fur... is it what this call? Looks how the model wear. She is so thin!

Well look, this is how I looks like. A bit bulky and it hides my waist. hmm... maybe the elastic part not suit me. Anyway just Rm 15, What do you ask for more?

Quality: 9/10
Webs: here

 Uneven skirt

Bought this when I am choosing bridemaid's outfit for my friend. Personally like this and RM20. Not bad hor?  With shipping is like RM25.
 Left is the model, right is me.
issit camera's problem or my problem...

Quality: 6/10
Webs: Here

Black Dress {with holes}
Initially thought is lace dress... but... the material a bit hard. The lace really looks like holes. XD

Overall is about RM25 with shipping. Looks elegant. Think of wearing to work or wedding?

The above is how the model wearing....

And the above is how I'm wearing it.  It has a low back and also with pads in front.
I don't think enough to support as too loose for me. T.T

Quality: 6/10
Webs: Here 

Flowery dress:

Planed to buy for working purpose as my working dresses I like to wear were bought from BKK last time. here you go.
 RM20 include all. 

erm... need to iron T.T that is not my choice... Many strings from the dress. Kinda thin dress without any lining inside. The overall length is still fine. Suit for fair skin people, not me.

A bit dull I could say.
Quality: 5/10

Webs: Here

Pleated dress

It is a dress. You can wear just like this with coat or so on.
 Can't find any model in the shop. Here is the review from customers:
Well, it does fit well, and I do look fat with this dress too.
Even with T-shirt I think I hardly could suit it. 
Am I too short? Wuwuwuu....
Heel is a must.

After all with 2 layers you can see from my photo. It is soft and evenly parallel lines.
Quality: 6/10
Webs: here

Knit Dress

Erm... I just want find something different. Looks nice for model. Price is with promo, RM40 tho.
Kinda thick, suitable for air-cond place.

All I need is make up and heels. else, I looks like ahma in this dress.
Quality is 7/10
just that is not what I expected.
Webs: Here

About Makeup Accessories and things

Dried Flowers for hair do
 A bunch is RM10
So pretty~

Web: Here

Shiny pins
Star shapes. Sell in a box 20pcs.

All in good conditions. Not even oxidized.
Web: Here

Necklace and earring set

About RM15 per set.

you can choose earring with clips too.
Web: here

Dried flowers~

It looks so real!
Quite Fragile but it is pretty
You may just directly put on hair.
webs: here

Looks like water color plate?
No, it is for makeup foundations or lip color mixing plate.

Quite heavy but worth the price.
Webs here

I am more preferred on things to buy than clothes.
Those things were well packaging and in fine place.
Electronic stuff is not so encourage.
Overall is my point of view.





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