Japan Trip III Osaka!

Sunday, March 19, 2017
Japan III. Continue with my Japan Honeymoon trip~ Osaka is the place we long hope for.
We traveled from Kyoto to Osaka with train. We started to familiar with the train.... still we got some misunderstanding of the route. I should have study well for my japanese.

 Their clean classic train! Those spongy seats were all still well maintenance.
If in Malaysia, you can imagine how broken would be.
 The last hotel I found in Agoda.
The most expensive, because it stated Shinsaibashi.
However we still required 15mins walk to Shinsaibashi.
Considered near, just that kinda difficult to find because it is not at main street.
As usual, we need to check in at 3pm. So we leave our lugguage in hotel, and walk down the street for food.
 We found Glico man!
I always saw this Glico man in discovery show.
I quickly ask my man to took a picture. 
When I asked if he want to, he throw me a question: Why is so special about this 招牌?
I flipped my eyes...told him, this is the signature of OSAKA!
If you did not take this picture, you will seems like not been here before!
He still don't want. =.="
Even we walked passed here few times later at night or next day... I keep asking him the same questions. He still insist don't want.
And he blame that everyone taking this picture on bridge is like cause the crowd jam. =.="
I said: "Just like you went to New York, and you want to took the liberty statue. It is the same meaning." 
He likes: oh....
and somehow kinda taking selfie with me with my hp at night. 
My hp front cam is not that good... so no posted here.
 My focus is not the guy
is the famous Shinsaibashi street!

 They are really good with big display signboard.
really made me hungry
 So crowded there until I'm so embarrassed to take a picture here
he took quite sometime to press the shutter. =.=
 We decided to take sushi in Japan finally in OSAKA
It is our last destination, we can eat with enough budget.

 Inside looks like this.
Overall... still fine.
Maybe we can't speak Jap, we can't order a fresh one
Sashimi not that fat
overall just ok.
We a bit disappointed. 
 Finally we can checked in
get a rest.
 Checking out Toilet
 This is small double bed.
Else is quite expensive
 Still smaller than we thought.

 All within same space
 Toilet is always clean. :)
 We walk to a street market to simply choose a small restaurant
 We always scared the restaurant could not speak English
nor no English Menu.
Kinda difficult.
 Until I am starving only we went in.
It is nice surprisingly!
Just that the portion is bit small for him
okonomiyaki First time there
 Loves the BBQ sauce

 went in Black market. hehehe
but it is closed. :(

My friend said this is famous OKONOMIYAKI, too bad I eaten already only found this.

 Cow hanging

 Famous Ramen
 See how crowded?
 It is raining, so we hidding.

 Bought this for supper!

 Part of it is ours, part of it is helping friends. Finally can shop more for the last destination. He knew how long I endure this. muahahhaha!

Universal Studio OSAKA!!!
Long waiting!

We woke up the earliest as we could among all the days in Japan.

 We reached like 8am. It is already crowded
 Most of them wearing costume.
Seems fun!

 How peoples wearing in USS
 It is Halloween!
How lucky we are
 Eating breakfast and saw Monroe 
 Saw them but they speak Japanese... hahaha
 All queuing already
They stated time there.
Really crazy.. 1 hour each time.
 New one. Harry potter!
Amazing and crowded too
It looks like snowing. hahaha

 Waiting for the parade. Well, we felt some quake here. Minor luckily.
 Turkey drumstick for lunch
 Can't finish thought.

 Pardon my cacat face...
but I like this view.
 Everywhere is nice picture view

 our first ride there. hehe


 Wahahaha.. looks fun. But I don't wan!

 He kinda drag us behind suddenly
That is why we are quite shocked.
 Mali Mali Hom
Great sorcery 

 Need a broom for the house? or fly?

 I chose churos... hahahah

 My elmo!

 7pm, all the zombies were here
I gave them 100% show case.
They really in this mode all along the road!
Imma quite scared by them.
Why? Because when they scared someone, the person who got shocked will just run without noticing others.
Scare mah... sure run for your life, eventually hit someone. 
The zombies also quite discipline, they won't scare those with babies or pregnant one
they scared all those youngsters. hahaha 
Zombie in dancing mode
They are all dancers!!
Those zombies on road side also dance together
what song? Famous Micheal jackson songs. 

It is really fun there.
We did not ride those famous coasters
However we are quite satisfied staying there.

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