The May Bride 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017
I am gonna skip April month, although is my Birthday month. He got me a surprised big cake!! Thanks dear : *

Before going to my friend's wedding in Melaka, my hubby diagnose with don't know what bacteria, causes him keep on and off high fever which cannot cure. Even with 2 times clinics and strong antibiotics claimed by the doctor. So, Thursday midnight, got to bring him to hospitals. Not surprisingly, he need to admit hospital for further check up and first he need to subside his fever.

It is my first time helping others to admit in hospital. Normally I'm the one admit hospital when in younger time. Although I feels a bit kan cheong like do not know what to do, I tends to stay calm.
As I know how to speak english, chinese or malay, what should I afraid of? I told myself. Thanks to my calmness, I actually packed his things well. Include thick shawl (cause I dono where is his jacket, he don't use jacket cause he never felt cold in Malaysia), his clothes and staff, towel, my own jacket, as I know midnight hospital is always freezing cold.

His fever cause him shivery. I gave him the thick shawl. Then to his room after everything is settled. It is around 6am. I drove back and take a rest. But I could not sleep. Because I am worried that I could not make it for my friend's wedding cause I promise to makeup for her.
At least there is doctors and nurse there to look after him. I'm a bit more comfortable. Thus he had told his parent about my job. His parent once a businessman, they understand promise is a promised. I nearly asked friend to find another MUA. I know to such time constrain, it is very difficult. Luckily his parent understand, so I got to go to Melaka. And luckily with 2 friends of mine car pool together, we arrived safely.

It is really tiring. Still everything move on smoothly. The bride also having such good ji muis, caring and understanding all the while. :)

She is my first bride of my MUA life. How lucky? hahahaha
I got to sleep over beside her because we both gonna get up early the next day. She also got into slight coughing and sore throat. So she slept soundly after the medicine. I thought I'll be kan cheong and could not sleep. No! I slept all the way till alarm rang. Should be very tired since few days before.
I started to help myself makeup before helping her. Then only I wake her up for preparing.

 I get all the staff ready and start doing.
I got myself bread and milo first before start. 
My stomach start rolling again after an hour.
She keep laughing with the sound. 
No more tension then. lolz
 Since there are still some spare time, and I was a bit slow, 
she called and delayed bit. So pai seh.

 After wearing and put up the veil, she is all done, 

 Waiting for the groom

 wearing shoes
 went to take pictures in the garden.

Come back after that, I got some rest for good 30mins.
Get dress up and makeup for myself
then head to the groom house for dinner makeup

 the hairdo

Second march in hairdo.
There is a little bit issue when changing second gown.
The bridal shop seems like altered smaller size which she cannot fit in.
She was saying do not want to march in with 2nd gown already
after that ji mui realized the dress can be off knots
cool! Everything is fine after that.
Just dragged some time.

selfie with ex colleagues~:

Claims team~

Lastly my hubby discharged when I back!
So happy!!

Next is my more than 10years bestie.
Yes, most of my bestie married this year.

As 2nd time MUA, I'd be more calm.
By the time I reached her house, she seems MIA.
She went breakfast with family. LOL
She also got plenty of time before groom come.

So, all done well and in time

 nope, she do not want red lips.
Bride in selfie
 kidnap her niece before groom come. so cute.
 Ji mui all so busy, this is the only time we all got together and selfie.
Cameraman will shout: Jia Pei!
Dai kam shout: assistant!
then the bride shout: Ching Mun!!
we all gone split second. hahahaha
 all ready!

First time she kissed in front of us. haha

we enjoying the roast pork. We are damn hungry after everything! 
This is the time we got some spare time to eat... in less than a minute.

 This is how they looks like when I halfway helping the pretty makeup
First, i'll turn them very ugly
 The halfway came in people will all shock and happy to see them.
I enjoy this much
because after that will turn them pretty

see, pretty not?
Selfie in the room

 Don't know why I got this weird smile.
as long as the bride is pretty

The more than 10  years ji muis
all happily married, except... left one.

The more than 10  years ji muis with our own other half.
the another half???
well, I hope is soon

Finally is over and I got this weekend to enjoy~
So glad all got their own life partner.
Will not see Lee so soon after this :(

Hopes everyone enjoy their life! 
Love you all!





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