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Saturday, June 3, 2017
Hello! Greeting from my baby! Good news from us! Little Tan is growing well and active.
Erm.. don't know the gender yet. :)

I'm so glad I'd passed 1st trimester. Nope, no morning sickness, I got some evening sickness. I always tend to get bloat stomach when I reached home after work. Often I get nausea or feeling want to vomit. Luckily I endure it.  Then the feeling of want to sleep is 3x stronger. I can now sleep in every where!! Toilet, stairs, chairs, desk or bed with lights or video on. Call me pig.... because I ate a lot too... Frequent but not that big portions. hmph!!

I knew I had baby when .... the May event happens.. esp, my husband in hospital, friends get married and doing makeup part time. Work is work, I glad it happened because time passed so fast than I realized. Often busy-ness made me forget bout nausea, all I know is hungry then eat, sleepy then sleep. hahahhah!

Chinese always mentioned that, before 3months, cannot announce. Well, somehow I believe in half, still cannot keep to myself. I told almost everyone near me. :P  This does benefits me too, because whenever they saw me carry things or doing things, they watch out and also help me carry for me! I feel like so QUEEN! They took care of me so much till I felt loves they gave to me and my baby T,T touching....

So well, little Tan grow quite well in there.
I just done some check up last week, went to ultrasound scan for the first time, seeing lil Tan in the screen, waving actively to us, and suck the fingers, or turning like 360degrees in my uterus. And, I have yet felt it. After few weeks I believe I'll feel you!

How do we act when we first knew we kena jackpot?  hmmmm... when I felt not right due to my late period for about 1 week. I got regular period then. I bought the pregnancy test and brought home. The husband was ready to go out for a badminton sessions. I took out the pack and asked if you would like to wait a few minutes for this. He is a bit shock, but he said won't so accurate gua~
"Let's see then" I said, went into toilet. By the time I dropped on the stripe, saw it moving and leading to 2 lines, I knew it came. I came out, he asked: how? I said, you can see the result yourself there. He went in and asked: 2 lines means..... got d? "uh huh" I answered. The next thing we know is we sit on the bed like blank out for few seconds, can't stop the heart beating fast..... We sort of like feeling complicated than happy, because it is not in plan (I mean within this year).  It took us few days to accept it. I did not feel very happy or very sad, just... normal and feel... curious how little human growing inside me.

Until, the day we went to screening.  We saw it grow actively and healthily, we smile uncontrollably. Plus seeing my husband smile widely too :D  Yes, we are happy to see you!

Since then, he took extra care of me. Bought me food, feed me well, doing most of the house cores, hungry before sleep and he get me a cup of milo kosong, help me wash dishes, carry minor things, cook for me if can, hold me tight than before, scared that my clumsiness made me fall down... etc! Can you continue to take care of me as such after birth too?? :P

As happy as we are. Thank you all for the blessings! Muacks!





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